5 Myths About the Vaccine Busted

January 25, 2021

The vaccination programme has been successfully launched in India very recently.  Like other countries, citizens here are also anxious about getting vaccinated due to rumors and myths that they may have heard about the same.

In India, in the last few decades we have been able to completely eradicate illnesses like small-pox and polio due to vaccines. Children are given prescribed vaccines that have been approved by the Government of India, so that they stay healthy and are protected against multiple diseases. This has vastly improved the mortality rates of the population.

A year after the dreaded virus, viz. COVID-19, surfaced in 2020, the global lockdown and panic that ensued made it imperative to develop a vaccine to combat it.

After months of research and trial testing, the effort has paid off. However, it is only natural that people have concerns about it, and are worried about its efficacy. Here are a few common myths and concerns that we would like to clear the record about.

1. These new vaccines were released in a hurry, so they’re not reliable


Several Indian and foreign companies have researched and trial-tested for months, before bringing out the vaccines. They have been lawfully approved by the respective Health Organizations as well as the local Government, and only then allowed to be manufactured.

In India, they are being administered through trusted partners alongside Government medical hospitals and facilities. The Apollo Group is one such organization that will be offering the approved vaccines.

2. This vaccine will alter my DNA


A vaccine comprises a tiny dose of antigens that trigger the human body to produce cells to fight and defeat them. These antibodies act like soldier cells, ready to battle this specific virus in case it attacks. A vaccine does not affect or alter the DNA in any way at all.

3. I have taken all precautions and have been safe so I don’t need a vaccine


There has been a nationwide lockdown for many months. However, most state governments are slowly trying to open up the restrictions so that normalcy can return. While we were able to stay home during the lockdown, we will now need to step out once again. In such a scenario, we need to have internal protection.

Just like we need an army at our nation’s borders, even if we have non-stop electronic surveillance, we need a vaccine to shield us from a potential attack, despite taking all precautions.

4. The vaccine will give me the virus


The virus introduces our bodies to antigens similar to those present in the virus. This gives rise to antibodies which begin to attack the antigens, in order to wipe them out. Once the body has antibodies, it is prepared to fight the actual virus in case it comes into contact with it.

5. The recovery rate of this virus is more than 90%, so no one needs a vaccine


It is very good news that the recovery rate has been very high in India. However, the same is not true for all countries. Across the world, the virus has surfaced through multiple strains, ranging from weak to strong causing a lot of distress and even fatalities.

Once you are vaccinated, your antibodies function like a shield and help your immune system get more robust.

We hope that this has addressed your basic concerns about the vaccine. If you have any other queries, we would be happy to answer them. Please send us an email at