Bariatric Surgery in Pune

Who is this surgery for?

Bariatric surgery is a safe and effective weight loss surgery. It is a tested surgical solution to obesity. Bariatric surgery includes surgical procedures such as gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass surgery and lap band surgery. Apollo Spectra’s multidisciplinary, innovative bariatric team provides you with the long term-solution for your obesity problem and improves your overall health.

What does Bariatric surgery do?

Bariatric surgery is an effective procedure to achieve weight loss. It aims at making targeted changes to your digestive system.  Weight loss is either achieved by reducing the size of your stomach (gastric sleeve) or by rerouting your small intestine to the small stomach pouch (gastric bypass). Your doctor will decide if you are the right candidate for the bariatric surgery through expert diagnosis and provide you a step-by-step guidance on your journey to weight loss.

What are the benefits of Bariatric Surgery?

Benefits of bariatric surgery in Pune are:

  • Bariatric surgery helps you lose weight.
  • Bariatric surgery improves overall health by doing vital changes to your digestive system.
  • Bariatric surgery provides a weight loss solution if you are a type 2 diabetes patient.
  • Bariatric surgery helps in reducing high blood pressure.
  • Bariatric surgery helps in keeping cholesterol levels in check.
  • Bariatric surgery relieves excess body pain.
  • Bariatric surgery enables you to be more physically active.
  • Bariatric surgery offers a rich lifestyle by enhancing your mood and overall quality of life.
What are the types of bariatric surgery?

Apollo Spectra offers tested surgical procedures such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and gastric balloon. Our bariatric surgeon will suggest the treatment based on your diagnosis.

Gastric bypass

Gastric bypass helps you to lose weight by limiting your intake of food thereby reducing the number of calories. The surgeon reroutes your small intestine to the small pouch in your stomach. This makes you feel fuller even if you eat very small amounts of food or liquid. However, over time, the pouch will expand, gradually allowing you to eat more food.

Gastric bypass has a high success rate and people lose an average of 70 to 75 percent of their excess body weight in the first year itself. Weight loss typically levels off after one to two years, with an overall excess weight loss between 60 and 70 per cent after five years.

Gastric sleeve

Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, reduces the size of your stomach and transforms it into a narrow tube. This new stomach is much smaller, does not expand while eating and produces decreased amounts of hormone (ghrelin) that causes hunger, making you feel more satisfied with lesser food.
Sleeve gastrectomy is considered less aggressive than gastric bypass because the intestines are not rearranged, and there is less chance of malnutrition. It also does not require any permanently implanted device.
The gastric sleeve has a decent success rate, and people lose an average of 60 to 65 percent of their excess body weight first two years after surgery.

Gastric balloon

In gastric balloon surgery, an inflatable balloon is placed inside your stomach through your mouth and oesophagus using an endoscope. It works by limiting the amount of food you can eat at once.
Balloon placement requires anaesthesia, but no incision. The balloon remains inside your stomach for up to six months and is removed afterwards.
Balloon surgery is popular among our patients owing to its simplistic approach. Weight loss in six months is about 25 to 38 percent of your excess weight. Once the balloon is removed, most of the patients maintain the lost weight and remain healthy.

Why choose Apollo Spectra Hospital?

Bariatric surgeons at Apollo Spectra are nationally recognized experts in providing best surgical treatment to patients with a history of obesity. We incorporate the latest laparoscopic approach for most surgeries reducing your post-operative pain and duration of hospitalization. Our bariatric surgeons offer state-of-the art and minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries including gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and gastric band surgery. We are constantly exploring new ways to enhance our services and offer the best treatment to our patients.
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