Benefits of Swimming

Is Swimming the Best Exercise to Relieve Joint Pains

Gymnasiums and health centers will often request you to fill out their health questionnaires before enabling you to begin their exercise sessions. One of the mandatory questions that you may be required to answer is: Do you suffer from one or more of the following? Lower or upper back pain Knee pain Shoulder pain Ankle Continue reading

Calcium Rich Food fir Bones

Let’s Make Our Bones Strong!

Healthy bones are like the bank, the more calcium you store, and more the chances of its withdrawal. Osteoporosis is a silent and slow disease which is becoming a threat, especially in women, but men are not immune to it either. Osteoporosis is a condition of loss of bone mass which leads to porous and Continue reading

Starvation Is Never Right - Weigh Loss

Weight Loss Fads – Facts and Fiction

Our metabolic processes take up a modest amount of calories each day for normal functioning. For a healthy adult to maintain an ideal weight, while doing his/her daily activities, calorie intake should be 22 calories/kg. So, ideally, a man weighing 68 kilos would need about 1500 kcal in a day to avoid weight gain. People Continue reading

Colonoscopy Prep & Procedure

Colonoscopy: Prep & Guidelines for the Procedure

Colonoscopy is a screening procedure that enables the examiner to look inside the large intestine (rectum and colon) for polyps, abnormal areas, tumours or cancer. A colonoscope which a thin, tube-like instrument with a light and lens for viewing, is inserted through the rectum into the colon. The apparatus also has a tool to remove polyps Continue reading