Hospital Acquired Infections

This recent study about Hospital Acquired Infections will surprise you

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) also known as Nosocomial infections, are one the most difficult problems faced by hospitals dealing with severely ill patients. Due to the prolonged stay of patients, this infection is becoming more alarming in the 21st century, as the antibiotic resistance is spreading fast. A study conducted by AIIMS in 2010 at Continue reading


Fibroids: How are they removed with Laparoscopy?

Fibroids are benign tumours that grow from the muscle layers of the uterus. They are very common in women in their thirties and forties. Most women develop these during their lifetime. They grow abnormally and are usually round in shape. Sometimes these tumours become quite large and cause severe abdominal pain and heavy periods. In Continue reading


Why you shouldn’t shy away from discussing piles with your Doctor?

When about 80% of Indians are said to develop piles during their lifetime, piles ceases to become an embarrassing issue. Instead, it becomes a reason for concern. Continue reading to understand what exactly piles are and why you shouldn’t be quiet about them. Hemorrhoids or piles occur when the blood vessels inside the bottom (rectum) or Continue reading

Breast Lump

Breast Lump: What should you do next?

Have you noticed a swelling, bulge or protuberance in your breast? It can be a breast lump. You may experience many such lumps in your life due to hormonal changes. Although most of them turn out to be harmless, there are chances that they can be malignant or cancerous. Here are some quick facts on Continue reading

Partial Knee Replacement

Understanding Partial Knee Replacement

Your knee is a crucial part of your body as it aids your movement and helps you follow your daily routine without any trouble. However, your knee might suffer damage due to arthritis, deformities such as bowed legs, reduced blood flow to the region or an injury. In such a case, you might need to Continue reading

Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins: 4 things you didn’t know

You may have noticed your veins bulging out and turning a bluish-purple or red color. But apart from considering their impact on your appearance, have you stopped to think about the condition behind this? Varicose veins develop when your veins swell up, get dilated or overfilled with blood. Following are 4 things you probably didn’t Continue reading

Knee Replacement Surgery Alternatives

Is Knee Replacement the only option?

Knee replacement surgery is recommended by doctors if you are suffering from extreme arthritis, deformities such as bowed legs, or a serious injury. Yes, knee replacement surgery does have its benefits as it can help alleviate your pain and improve your quality of life. Along with this, it carries significant drawbacks and risks as your Continue reading

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery: Is it a cure of Diabetes?

Weight loss surgery earlier considered only for treating obesity is now being considered for treating diabetes. It does wonders for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes and can make a big difference in their life. For some patients, blood sugar levels get back to normal and diabetes can be cured after surgery. Within days after Continue reading

Avoid Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries – How To Avoid Them?

Sports injuries refer to injuries that happen while playing sports or exercising. They include sprains, strains, fractures, dislocations, joint injuries and swollen muscles, and can either be acute or chronic in nature. Sports injuries should not be taken lightly as they can cause severe pain and can greatly impact your daily routine. How to avoid Continue reading

Back Pain

Back Pain: When to see a doctor?

As we grow older, we tend to complain of aches and pains. Most of the time, we ignore these symptoms and work through the pain. Back pain is a perfect example of this. Back pain occurs because of the way the bones, muscles and ligaments in your back are functioning and connected with each other. Continue reading