5 things your physiotherapist can do which your doctor can’t

July 27, 2018
Physical Therapist Can Do That Your Doctor Cant

Physiotherapists are professionals who have been trained to use non-pharmacological means to treat various issues. They employ a range of scientific methods and give professional advice to take care of pains in various body parts, movement-related problems as well as rehabilitation after an injury and accident.

Pain management

Many of us suffer from chronic pains. They can be because of some injury or it can be a recurring pain hinders our daily chores. A physiotherapist uses various techniques like massages, ultrasounds and dry needling to manage the pain.

Post surgery

Once the medical treatment is complete after a surgery, it is important to enlist the help of a physiotherapist to regain movement of the affected joints and body parts. A physio will recommend exercises to strengthen muscles and restore movements.

There are four main reasons why postoperative physiotherapy is necessary – to prevent chest complications, to prevent thrombosis, to prevent pressure sores and to prevent muscle pain and joint immobility.

Sports injury

Physiotherapy treats sports injuries after they happen and also uses techniques to prevent them using joints, nerves and soft tissue mobilisation techniques. A specific graded strength, stretching and exercise regimen is prepared to maintain muscle and joint health and prevent injuries in the future. There are numerous examples for this case. Regular physiotherapy saves sports runners, tri-athletes, thousands of professionals everyday. It helps in monitoring their health and also to diagnose the potential injury even before it occurs.

Movements and chronic pain

There are times when you may find it difficult to move a body part, like a neck or shoulder. Movement restrictions in these body parts are often accompanied by chronic pains which may restrict you from performing day-to-day activities. A physiotherapist will identify your problem and come up with a treatment plan.

Exercising after a long gap

Taking up any exercise or sport suddenly may lead to injury because of a muscle pull or tear. It is better to visit a physiotherapist before you start any rigorous physical activity.

In case you are injured during the course of the activity, see a physiotherapist to get rid of the pain. In case your exercise and sports activity are going on without incident,  visit a physiotherapist. He will tell you how to make your muscles more flexible to prevent any injury in the future.

A doctor will treat you with medicines and surgery for pain. A physiotherapist uses methods like massage therapy, heat, ice, traction, joint mobilisation, traction, physical therapy ultrasound, electrical stimulation and physiotherapy taping for treatments.

When any pain gets out of hand, it is always advisable to consult a doctor to get a full, expert analysis of the situation and the necessary treatment. Speak with the experts at Apollo Spectra Multi-Speciality Hospitals today.