Best Diet for Recovering From a Sports Injury

Best Diet for Recovering From a Sports Injury

Sport is considered as the best form of exercise. However, injuries are part and parcel of a sports. A healthy diet plays an important role in aiding faster recovery from a sports injury, supplemented with proper rest. Here, we have listed some diet essentials to help you recover faster from a sports injury.

1. Vitamin C:

As vitamin C helps in repairing the tissues all over the body, it plays an essential role in the healing process. It aids in the production of collagen ( a structural protein that holds the body together). One need to consume vitamin C daily for ensuring the health of skin, tendons, and ligaments, and maintaining the strength of connective tissues (cartilage) and bone tissues. It gives us protection against any chemicals or toxic substances we are exposed to. Good sources of vitamin C are oranges, strawberries in your diet. Lime water is also a good choice. Vegetables like tomatoes, broccolis, amla give plenty of Vitamin C.

2. Calcium and Vitamin D:

To recover from bone injury, intake of Calcium and Vitamin D is essential. Vitamin D helps in absorption of calcium in the body. So, consumption of food items rich in Calcium and Vitamin D should go together. Products like milk, spinach, cheese are most easily available food items rich in Calcium. Vitamin D is prepared by itself in the body when skin is exposed to sunlight. It is essential to note that, nearly 65% -70% people in India lack sufficient levels of Vitamin D which is the main reason for fragile bones. In cases of vitamin D deficiency, the doctor can suggest Vitamin D supplements.

3. Protein:

As Proteins help in making and repairing the muscles, it should be added to the diet to recover faster from a sports injury. Non-vegetarians food items like fish, eggs, and chicken and Vegetarian food items like dry fruits, pulses, legumes, and lentils must be consumed in balanced form to rebuild the muscles and damaged tissues. Fruits and vegetables like Avocado, Guava, spinach, mushrooms and sprouts are also good sources of protein.

4. Anti-Inflammatory diet:

Inflammation due to injury projects hindrance in the healing process. To speed up the process, it is advisable to have an anti-inflammatory diet initially.

Following nutrients must be included for their anti-inflammatory properties in the daily diet

i) Omega-3 fatty acids: Seeds and nuts should be consumed to minimize the inflammation which would also reduce pain in turn.

ii) Antioxidants and Vitamin A: Ginger, Blueberries, Amla, Coffee are rich in anti-oxidants which make the immune system strong. Vitamin A helps in strengthening immune system and therefore hastens the healing process. Green leafy vegetables, pumpkin, carrots, fish, liver, and tropical fruits are rich sources of Vitamin A.

iii) Zinc: This mineral is present in each tissue so to repair and rebuild damaged tissue Zinc becomes essential. It also makes the immune system stronger. Food items like Nuts, chicken and pumpkin, are good sources of zinc.

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