Breast Cancer: Be Aware, Be Alert, Be Safe

February 9, 2016
Breast Cancer Awareness - Apollo Spectra

About 1.5 lakh women in India are diagnosed with breast cancer every year and the count is increasing as years pass by. Regular screenings and early detection help you win against breast cancer – says the Breast Specialist at Apollo Spectra Hospitals.

Off late, breast cancer has become one of the major causes of concern for all women. It is a condition which affects irrespective of age. Breast cancer is often diagnosed at an advanced stage which reduces the chances of overcoming it, despite the availability of experts and advanced technology. The best way of protection is an early detection. Regular breast screenings are important as they are an effective way to get an early diagnosis – ascertains the doctor.

One should be aware and alert about the symptoms of breast cancer to act in time. The following symptoms must not be ignored – Lump in breasts or armpits, change in shape or size of breasts, discharge from one or both nipples, change in skin texture or colour, and pain in breasts. If any of the aforementioned symptoms are found, see your doctor immediately. Although the majority of symptoms may be normal or a benign breast condition, they will still need to be looked into and followed up.

Signs & Symptoms of Breast Cancer - Apollo Spectra

Take charge and put your breast health into your own hands! Breast Self-Examination (BSE) is the first step. It is easy, convenient and inexpensive. Your doctor will help you to understand and learn about 7Ps (Position, Perimeter, Palpation, Pressure, Pattern, Practice, Plan) method. But, BSE is not a replacement for more trustworthy techniques like mammography, biopsy of the lump, an examination using MRI, and consultation with a doctor.

Though most breast cancers are detected by the women themselves, make sure you complement your BSE with a yearly physical examination by a doctor for better chances of detection. Under the present guidelines, all women aged 40 and above should get a Mammogram done at least once a year. Sonomammography is advised for women below 40 years of age – says the doctor.

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