Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery: Is it a cure of Diabetes?

Weight loss surgery earlier considered only for treating obesity is now being considered for treating diabetes. It does wonders for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes and can make a big difference in their life. For some patients, blood sugar levels get back to normal and diabetes can be cured after surgery. Within days after Continue reading

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck: Choosing the Right Tuck

Dr Arunesh Gupta is renowned Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon committed to providing quality treatment for his patients. He trained in Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery in India and U.S.A. His experience speaks volumes with extensive publications and exceptional patient treatment. He specializes in cosmetic Surgery of face, breast and body contouring and microvascular surgery for Continue reading

Obesity Types

Obesity Types That You Need To Know

Obesity is a condition where a person has body fat to such an extent that it tends to hinder their daily lives. It could also trigger health problems. A person is considered obese when his/her Body Mass Index (BMI) is over 30. Some common causes of obesity include excessive intake of food, lack of exercise, Continue reading


Treatment of diabetes mellitus: A new approach through surgery

The economic, medical, and social burden of diabetes is immense. Given our current inability to achieve major remission and reduce death rates with medical management, metabolic surgery represents a new frontier in diabetic treatment. Over the past 20 years, bariatric surgery has proven successful in treating not just obesity but also type 2 diabetes. Surgery Continue reading


How does a weight loss surgery help type 2 diabetes?

Obesity is the major reason for type 2 diabetes. This further leads to a number of health problems such as stroke, kidney failure, blindness, cardiovascular disease, amputations, and even risk from certain forms of cancer. When it comes to talking about treatment for type 2 diabetes, the major therapy comprises of lifestyle interventions. This includes Continue reading

Starvation Is Never Right - Weigh Loss

Weight Loss Fads – Facts and Fiction

Our metabolic processes take up a modest amount of calories each day for normal functioning. For a healthy adult to maintain an ideal weight, while doing his/her daily activities, calorie intake should be 22 calories/kg. So, ideally, a man weighing 68 kilos would need about 1500 kcal in a day to avoid weight gain. People Continue reading