Celebrate Responsibly This Festive Season

November 5, 2020

The holiday season is upon us. As you gear up to celebrate one of the biggest festivals of the year – Diwali, it is important that you prepare yourself and your family to stay safe during the festive season. With the coronavirus outbreak, the celebration is going to be a lot different than it was before. There are certain guidelines issued by the government and health authorities for preventing the spread of COVID-19 during the festivities.


Tips to stay safe during the festive season

1. Follow the precautions – When it comes to following precautions to prevent COVID-19, people have started to slip up. It is crucial that you wash your hands regularly, use a sanitizer to ensure the safety of everyone around you and maintain social distance.

2. Take note of the symptoms – COVID-19 symptoms have not been a reliable marker of the virus. There are many people with the virus who have remained asymptomatic. Some people have had the mildest symptoms and passed them as ‘common cold or ‘seasonal flu’. You need to be extra cautious about these symptoms and take necessary precautions like staying home and isolating. This way, you won’t put other people at risk.

3. Don’t make assumptions – There are several people around the globe who have gotten infected with coronavirus and have recovered from it. Some of these people assume that they won’t fall sick anymore and are careless. This is far from the truth. There have been cases of re-infection. At current times, making any assumption about the behaviour of the coronavirus can prove to be extremely dangerous.

4. Greetings – When you are meeting someone, join your hands and use the traditional form of greeting, ‘Namaste’. This has become extremely crucial during the festive season, given the rapid spreading rate of the coronavirus.

5. Do not eat outside – Although, there is no evidence suggesting that coronavirus can spread through cooked food, it is best that you refrain from eating outside amidst the festivities. This is not only because of the coronavirus, but also other stomach infections that can have a negative impact on your immunity. Plus, nothing beats traditional home-cooked meals during a festival.

6. Don’t use a sanitizer before lighting candles/diya – Do not use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before lighting candles or diyas. Sanitizers are inflammable and might result in fire hazards. So, wash your hands with soap before doing any activity that involves lighting fire.

7. Keep water close – If you are lighting fireworks during Diwali, it is best that you keep water nearby. There have been several cases of Diwali fire hazards. Also, this water can be used for washing your hands whenever you want. Keep a soap along with the water and wash your hands easily without any danger of catching fire.

8. Maintain social distancing

Festival is all about people getting together and strengthening their bonds. However, during this festive season, you need to avoid meeting people physically and adjust to this new normal. It is best that you remain indoors to celebrate Diwali. If you have to meet someone, greet them from far away and remain at least 6 feet apart at all times.

9. Avoid burn injuries and take care of children

Burn accidents are common during Diwali. It is important that you don’t take these lightly and ensure that your children are following precautionary measures and burst crackers only under adult supervision. Always keep water and a first aid kit nearby.

10. Try to reduce Noise pollution

The sound of bursting crackers can be especially harmful to animals near you. Dogs have a strong hearing power which makes them susceptible to high decibel sounds. What you can do is draw your curtains and close your windows to mask the flashes and sounds from fireworks. Another option is buying ear muffs for the pet animals.

We urge you to follow these safety measures to keep you and your family safe.