Diseases to watch out for during this Monsoon season

July 23, 2021

Cold and Flu:

This is the most common form of viral infections, which happens during the rainy season where the body is susceptible to bacterial and viral attack. Hence to protect the body, one should consume highly nutritious foods and strengthen the immunity.

Malaria and Dengue:

Malaria and monsoon go hand in hand. When it rains, water remains clogged, which helps the mosquitoes’ breeding process. The spread of malaria can be prevented by keeping such clogged areas clean. Dengue fever can be very painful and life-threatening. This disease is caused by the dengue virus, the carrier here is the mosquito and thus keeping the body protecteQd from any form of mosquito bite can ensure safety.


This is a waterborne infection, caused by many strains of bacteria called Vibrio cholera. It affects the gastrointestinal tract causing severe dehydration and diarrhea. Therefore, drinking boiled, treated or purified water can keep the germs at bay.


Typhoid fever is a result of contaminated food and water. This is yet another bacterial infection caused by Salmonella Typhi. Maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation and at the same time using clean water is recommended.

Precautions for the rainy season are really easy and practical! A periodic preventive health checkup is an effective means to detect diseases at an early stage. For more details on topics like these consult our doctors online at Apollo Spectra Hospitals and get the care you deserve.