Ease your expense with a health insurance claim

August 29, 2016

Breast cancer surgery, amputation surgery (the one in which one of your limbs are removed because it’s no longer functional and is life-threatening) or even a diagnostic laparoscopy (an examination of a woman’s reproductive organs through a small incision in her abdomen) are all very expensive. Therefore, it is crucial that you do not sink into financial debt after the surgery. A medical insurance claim is one way of achieving that. Most people think that a health insurance will just cover hospital costs. However, here are some other ways health insurance helps you cope with the costs of your illness…

  1. Daily hospital cash allowance

Staying in a hospital is also expensive. It may take money to buy food and refreshments, which the hospital does not provide among other expenses. There is something in a health insurance claim known as ‘Daily Hospital Cash Allowance’. Using this, any expenses you incur at the hospital including your treatment will be covered. Be sure to check for it if you think your hospital stay will have a lot of expenses besides treatment.

  1. Convalescence benefits

Convalescence benefits are when the insurer pays for the recovery at home of the patient. This is great as it actually costs a lot more than you think to recover at home as procedures such as changing the wound can cost a lot of money. Therefore, it is crucial that you avail this perk if available. For operations such as a diagnostic laparoscopy, convalescence benefits can cover the entire time you are in the hospital.

  1. Treatment at home

This is a rare case where your doctor will prescribe treatments to be taken at home in the case that you are unable to stay at the hospital. Even in this case, many hospitals offer coverage on this type of treatment and you should find out if your health insurance covers this aspect.

  1. Organ donors

For surgeries such as amputation surgery or breast cancer surgery, this is not always a major issue. However, many times hospitals put the cost of the organ donor’s hospitalization on you, the patient, adding to your already long list of expenses. In this case, your medical insurance can help you cover these expenses.

  1. Attendant Allowance

One of the biggest problems you can face if you have children is finding a good attendant who will take care of your child. Financially, this is a strain as although many attendants are available in India, finding a good one can prove to be heavy on your pockets for you. You do not have to worry about this anymore as now the medical insurance claim covers the best quality attendants so that your child is not in danger.

  1. Critical illnesses get offered higher sums

You may think you knew this but not all insurance plans cover all critical illnesses. However, some companies are willing to pay much more than what some other companies have on offer. It has been said that L&T is willing to pay double the sum other companies are willing to pay as well as 180-270 days of survival benefits. These are just some of the benefits of getting an L&T insurance plan for yourself.

Finally, do consult a financial expert as well as your doctor as they tend to know much more than you about which insurance plan will cover just enough of your expenses and not waste your money.