What happens when your symptoms turn chronic?

September 6, 2016

Symptoms are pieces of evidence that there is something wrong in your body. They tend to show up if there are certain diseases that have developed in your body. Some of these symptoms need immediate medical attention while others can be ignored without much fuss.

However, in some cases, symptoms tend to turn chronic or become persistent if you ignore them for a long period of time. A chronic condition can thus be referred to as a medical condition, which keeps coming back. It is commonly applied to diseases that seem to last more than 3 months.

So, which chronic problems can be indicated by your symptoms?

Generally, symptoms that turn chronic are often associated with experiencing pain in different parts of your body. For instance, feeling uncomfortable in your abdomen or your chest may indicate gastroenterology symptoms or they may point towards urology disorders.

Pain in your face

Pain in your ears, nose or throat may point towards ENT (ear, nose and throat) problems. In general, chronic pain is experienced in your head or your joints. Other kinds of chronic pain you can face include sinus pain or an inflammation in your tendons.

If you are facing some discomfort in your ears (which can be mild or severe), you might be having some ENT problems. It is important to visit your doctor if the pain turns chronic. Persistent pain in your ears can result in a permanent hearing loss if it remains untreated.

Pain in your joints and muscles

You might experience a chronic pain in your knee joints or on your shoulders. This pain might be due to osteoporosis (weakening of your bones due to lack of calcium in your diet) or arthritis in your joints. It can also be caused by tendonitis, which is an inflammation in your tendons. If you are suffering from tendonitis or a chronic pain in your shoulders or in your knees, you may have to undergo a rotator cuff repair (a type of surgery that fixes a tear in your shoulder tendons) or a treatment for your knee pain if your condition gets worse. Thus, it is better to consult a doctor before your pain turns chronic.

Pain in your abdominal region

Experiencing pain in your abdominal region can be a gastrointestinal symptom of diseases like appendicitis, or other urology disorders like developing a cyst in your abdominal region or an ulcer in your urinary system. Ignoring these gastrointestinal symptoms may prove quite costly for you as it may lead to worsening of the condition or even death. Therefore, it is quite important to receive an expert’s advice if you are undergoing any such pain.

Pain in your head

You might also experience intense, recurrent or persistent headaches, which may last for a month or even six months. This pain can be caused due to a number of conditions like a migraine, meningitis or even a severe neurological disorder. Thus, if your headache turns chronic, you should immediately seek medical attention because ignoring the pain can lead to severe consequences like a cerebral stroke, which may be life-threatening.

Thus, it is quite important to keep track of your symptoms as they appear because of different kinds of diseases that they can be indicative of. Ignoring a particular symptom, thinking it to be a minor one may cost you your life. Sometimes, it may happen that your symptoms do not point towards a dangerous medical condition, but it is always important to get them checked out as it is better to be safe than sorry.

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