How gadgets affecting children’s health

August 23, 2019

Kids and Technology have become inseparable today. Seeing a kid holding a tablet or a smartphone is not a new sight anymore. Some parents consider it a blessing as it acts as a pacifier, an entertainer, and an educational tool. They also give in easily to their child’s whim. But many experts believe that it is doing more harm than good. Most parents who give their kids these gadgets don’t understand the risks they are exposing their kids to. To understand the effects of these gadgets on children, we have listed the top 8 reasons why you should think twice before handing over that gadget to your kid:

  1. Brain Development
    When your child is a toddler, he is in a growing stage. During these years, the brain grows thrice its size and continues to grow until your child reached adulthood. Research has shown that kids who use too many gadgets have a negative effect on the functioning of their brain. This leads to impaired hearing, attention deficit, decreased self-regulation ability, increased impulsivity, and cognitive delays. So, it is important that instead of letting your kids stick to their gadgets, you should encourage them to read, sing, and talk to other kids.
  2. Exposure to radiation
    The World Health Organization published a report in 2011 where they put wireless devices like smartphones in 2B risk category due to the emission of radiation. Studies have shown that the exposure of radio frequency to the children is a serious threat. Parents need to protect their children from the harmful radiation emitting from these modern gadgets.
  3. Violence
    Long hours of playing video games can make kids more aggressive. Some studies have shown that kids addicted to video games are more likely to throw tantrums and disobey their elders. You need to take charge of your kid’s life and introduce them to other activities like games or books.
  4. No interaction with the outside world
    Kids who spend too much time on gadgets and less with people, do not have normal communication skill development as their ability to interact with other individuals is hindered. The more time they are spending on the screen, the less time they have to work on their communication.
  5. Obesity
    It would not come out as a shock that kids who remain indoors all the time with their eyes glued to their gadgets instead of playing outside suffer through obesity. They are not able to burn the calories they are taking in. Obesity can lead to other complications like stroke, diabetes, and heart attack. It’s your responsibility as a parent to make sure that your kids play more. You can join your kids and help them understand the benefits of exercising like running, walking, jumping, etc. At the playground, they will also be talking to kids and building relationships. Ideally, in the early years, parents should expose their kids to physical activity and gradually introduce technology to them in later years. This will result in a healthy lifestyle that is beneficial for your kids.
  6. Sleep Deprivation
    The more time your kids spend on gadgets, the less time they have to rest. In some cases, parents allow the kids to play with their phones or tablets because it helps them sleep. Without their gadgets, they become aggressive and grumpy. Instead, if they are playing outside playing with other kids, they will get tired and have a good, sound sleep
  7. Damaged Eyesight
    Experts say that if the kid has prolonged exposure to phones, tablets, or laptops, they will have strained their eyes. Kids who are addicted to playing video games are more likely to have eyesight issues in the future.
  8. Addiction
    When you first gave in to the whim of your kid and handed a gadget to them, you basically told them that they just need to throw a tantrum to get what they want. This habit leads to addiction to modern gadgets. You need to expose your kid to the real world instead of the virtual world present in their gadgets. They need to be performing activities that develop their physical, mental, and emotional health. Yes, technology has positive effects on children and you can’t cut them off completely from their gadgets. But, you can at least try to limit their screen time so that they get a chance to improve their overall personality and health.