Myths about hair transplant

Myths about hair transplant: Busted

When we suffer from hair loss, some of us think that Hair Transplant will definitely save us. We set wrong expectations due to misinformation about hair transplant. Thus, it is better to keep ourselves well informed before undergoing this procedure.

Here, we have listed few myth busters about hair transplant surgery. Read on.

# Myth: To be sure about effects of hair transplant surgery on yourself, try it one on a smaller part.

Fact: A Test surgery for a hair transplant is not available. The effects of surgery are permanent. So, before undergoing surgery, you should do enough research and gain complete confidence.

# Myth: Hair Transplant Surgery is painful and needs hospitalization.

Fact: This surgery is done under local anesthesia. So, pain and discomfort do not bother the patients. Also, the person can resume work and normal day-to-day activities within few hours.

# Myth: Transplanted hairs need a lot of care and precaution to conserve them for life.

Fact: Doctors suggest some precautions after hair transplantation for a couple of weeks. Some of them are avoiding hair wash and not straining the muscles by exercising or by lifting heavy weight for few days. However, extended care is not required.

# Myth: Effects of Hair Transplant Surgery are predictable.

Fact: With enhanced techniques, the transplanted hairs grow in a similar pattern of the original hair growth in most of the cases. However, growth pattern, color, and texture of new hair depend hugely on the donor site (the body part from where the hair to be transplanted were extracted).

# Myth: Hair Transplant works best on men

Fact: Hair Transplantation is often advertised on men as their baldness or hair loss seems obvious. However, both men and women can benefit from it. Though, both have a different pattern of hair loss. It also depends on the availability of donor hair area, which is much less among women in comparison to that of men.

# Myth: It gives immediate results

Fact: The transplanted hair fall within the first few week and new hair grow from the transplanted hair follicles. Therefore, it is not justified to expect immediate results.

# Myth: You get thick hair if the hair grafts transplanted are larger in size.

Fact: The size of the hair graft does not promote density. Rather, hairs grown out of these bigger grafts may not look like the original growth. This could happen as the new hair may not always follow the growth pattern of original hair.

#Myth: Larger number of hair grafts transplanted can be transplanted in one session.

Fact: If larger numbers of hair grafts are transplanted at once, it may lead to scarring at the donor site. Also, to make the procedure and future hair growth look optimal, it is better to follow the doctor’s advice.

#Myth: Laser hair transplant surgery is better.

Fact: Laser hair transplant was an old technique used in hair transplantation. It was used to make minute digs at the recipient site for planting the hair follicles. Presently, the technique is rarely used as the laser beams can destroys the scalp tissues. Instead, in the current practice, the doctors graft the hair follicles by making micro-slits at the recipient site. This is done using specially designed microscopes and other surgical instruments.

# Myth: It is better to undergo hair transplantation at an early age in case of hair loss.

Fact: While we are young, the hair loss pattern is quite unpredictable. Also, the donor hair site is difficult to be found at a younger age, due to lack of proper hair growth at times. So, to get better results, the surgery works better for older candidates.

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