Different Treatment Option to Treat Squint of My Child

February 19, 2017
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Different Treatment Option to Treat Squint of My Child

Treatment of squint is essential during childhood days as the delays in the treatment can cause irreversible damage to eye and vision. For best results, squint should be treated latest by the age of 8-9years.

Treatment options for Squint:

The aim of treating squint problem is to encourage the lazy eye to see. This would help in preserving the vision which could otherwise be lost. After performing the medical examinations, the doctor could advise the following treatments,

Eyeglasses or contact lenses – this method may help people who have crossed eyes due to an uncorrected farsightedness.

A) Doctors advise spectacles to correct squint problem. Exercises through specially designed optical equipment are also an effective way of treating squint in some cases. Adolescents are prescribed specially designed spectacles as a corrective measure for squint. Such spectacles have prisms based lenses.

Medication – Effective Treatment of Squint using medicines is possible only in a few cases.


  1. Using medicines to manipulate the visualizing ability of eyes is another way to treat Squint problem.
  2. The doctor can prescribe eye drops for the dominant eye to blur its vision.
  3. This would promote the use of the squinted eye and thus improve its vision ability.
  4. Eye drops are used to manipulate the refractive ability of eyes.
  5. This enables the eyes to accommodate its alignment, focus and use the lazy eye to see.
  6. Medicines are used as the paralytic agent.
  7. Medicine is directly injected into the eye muscle, for correcting the eye movement pattern. This method is particularly helpful in treating inward squint problem. However, this approach is rarely used in children as it requires a direct injection in the eye.
  8. Botox, the injection relaxes the contracted muscles in the eyes, making it easier for eyes to focus where they need to Patching or covering the better-seeing eye – similar to eye drops or ointment, this method works to strengthen the weakened eye.

Surgery – straightens and realigns muscles in the eyes; this method has a high success rate although it is expensive and involves more risk than other options. This method is used to make the eye alignment straight, as much as possible.

This improves the appearance and also helps in restoring the vision ability of both eyes together (bifocal vision) in some cases.