5 most common sports injuries

October 27, 2016

Most people, whether young or old play sports in some way or the other. It could be playing for fun or competitively in teams. Playing sports can be extremely beneficial to your health as it helps the body exercise. However, these benefits sometimes are outnumbered by negative aspects of sports such as an injury. Sports injuries can be minor or very serious, sometimes even requiring surgery to heal completely. These injuries can be caused due to various reasons such as poor training, improper equipment, improper techniques, or an accident. t. This also means that a person can get injured if he is not in good condition to play the sport. For example, not warming up or stretching muscles before playing a particular sport.

  1. Strains and Sprains: These are one of the most common types of sports injuries that every sports player has been through. These sports injuries can occur in any physical activity and must be treated with Sprains mainly occur when ligament tears or overstretches. This tearing or overstretching of ligaments can be minor or severe, resulting in surgery in a few severe cases. A sprain commonly occurs in wrists, knees or ankles. Strain, on the other hand, is often known as a pulled muscle and occurs when fibres within the muscle stretch or tear. Like sprains, a strain too can be minor or severe.
  1. Groin Pull: Groins are the inner thigh muscles that are situated like a fan and help pull the legs together. Most sports that require rapid moving in a side to side motion such as football, soccer, hockey, baseball and more, have higher chances and instances of groin pulls. Sports injuries such as these can cause the inner side of the thigh to bruise and can take approximately two weeks or more to heal. One can also quicken the healing time by compressing it with ice and taking rest. Apart from this, getting it checked by a doctor is also essential as he will be able to find out the severity of the injury and will guide you through your healing process.
  1. Hamstring Strain: The three muscles that are behind the knee make up the hamstring. A hamstring strain is most often a muscle injury that occurs when an athlete overstretches his muscles. This overstretching causes tears in the muscles, while also causing bruises in strained hamstrings. Physical activities such as falling or running can cause a hamstring strain. Lack of warm-ups or flexibility can lead to the muscles getting pulled, especially in the hamstring, thus, causing injuries. Hamstrings usually take a very long time to heal; sometimes ranging from six to twelve months. Gentle stretches, resting, ice and anti-inflammatory drugs can help hamstring strains, thus, helping you recover faster. Getting it checked by a doctor is also essential as he will be able to find out the severity of the injury and will guide you through your healing process.
  1. Tennis or Golf Elbow: Approximately 7% of sports injuries are elbow injuries that are also referred to as epicondylitis or tennis elbow which is caused by the repetitive use of the elbow. This repetitive use creates small tears in the ligaments of the elbow, thus, causing it to pain. The pain can be experienced, both, on the inside or outside of the elbow. One of the best ways to heal this condition is rest. In minor injuries, rest, ice or anti-inflammatory drugs help improve the condition of the elbow. While, in severe cases, a visit to the doctor is a must. Strengthening exercises and elbow braces along with guidance from the doctor are the few ways to prevent elbow injuries.
  1. Shin Splits: These are very commonly known for causing pain in the lower area of the leg. In most cases, runners are affected with shin splints, while it can also occur in people who are not very prone to exercising. Visiting the doctor is important as he can make sure to check your injury thoroughly and check for a stress fracture. However, in minor shin splint injuries, ice and rest can help. Wearing proper shoes and stretching can help prevent shin splints.

If you or your loved one experience any sports injury, you must visit a doctor who guides you and provides treatment for the same.

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