Back Pain: When to see a doctor?

July 2, 2017

As we grow older, we tend to complain of aches and pains. Most of the time, we ignore these symptoms and work through the pain. Back pain is a perfect example of this.

Back pain occurs because of the way the bones, muscles, and ligaments in your back are functioning and connected with each other. It can be caused by various conditions such as bad posture or gait, infections, sleeping disorders, flu, ruptured or bulging discs, arthritis, osteoporosis and even spine cancer.

With such pain, when to see a doctor is a crucial decision. While you may want to wait for the pain to subside and get your queries such as ‘What can I take for back pain?’ and ‘I have lower back pain. What could it be?’ answered by the internet and your friends and family, it is better to consult a doctor instead of seeing your lower back pain getting worse and spreading.

Following are some of the cases when to see a doctor if you have back pain:

  1. Your pain has lasted for over a month and is now becoming a chronic problem
  2. Despite having pain medication, your pain is not better
  3. The combination of fever and back pain in adults
  4. The pain, especially lower back pain, is getting worse and spreading
  5. Numbness, weakness or tingling in your limbs
  6. Pain that occurs after you have undergone a traumatic experience

Now that you know when to see a doctor- make the right decision and consult an expert instead of aggravating your condition.

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Have back pain and wondering when to see a doctor? The time could be now before your pain gets worse.