Understanding Partial Knee Replacement

July 7, 2017

Your knee is a crucial part of your body as it aids your movement and helps you follow your daily routine without any trouble. However, your knee might suffer damage due to arthritis, deformities such as bowed legs, reduced blood flow to the region or an injury. In such a case, you might need to undergo a knee replacement surgery. While some cases might be required total knee replacement, if the damage is limited or is present only in a certain part of your knee, you can even opt for partial knee replacement.

Read on to know more about aspects of partial knee replacement surgery such as cost,  recovery, and rehab.

What is partial knee replacement surgery?

In many cases, a surgeon might recommend a this instead of a total knee replacement procedure. While both procedures involve introducing an artificial joint made of plastic or metal into your body, in the former procedure, only part of the joint is replaced while the healthy cartilage and tendons are retained.

Benefits of the surgery

Not only is it less invasive, it also involves less bone replacement and causes less scarring as compared to a total knee replacement surgery procedure. While pain management techniques and alternatives to knee replacement can be explored, sometimes a PKR is the only way to get the maximum function out of your knee.

PKR recovery

Not only does a patient who has undergone PKR surgery have a shorter hospital stay than one who has undergone a total knee replacement procedure, but they also have a shorter recovery time. Since there is a minimal bone replacement in the procedure, you will be able to have more natural movements and regain your original flexibility and stamina to a great extent.

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