Is Swimming the Best Exercise to Relieve Joint Pains

April 20, 2016
Benefits of Swimming

Gymnasiums and health centres will often request you to fill out their health questionnaires before enabling you to begin their exercise sessions. One of the mandatory questions that you may be required to answer is:

Do you suffer from one or more of the following?

  1. Lower or upper back pain
  2. Knee pain
  3. Shoulder pain
  4. Ankle pain
  5. If any other, please specify

“Swimming is the most advised and recommended physical activity by most medical experts.” – Dr SHIVANAND CHIKALE, ORTHOPAEDICS, MBBS, DNB (ORTHO), Wonourie

Approximately, 80-85 per cent of individuals would encircle option 1 and/or 2 complaining about increased pain in the joints that have been drastically limiting their everyday activities. Driven by this compromise with the quality of life and constant motivation from family, doctors and nutritionists, most individuals with acute or chronic joint pain enrol in an exercise programme.

While there are many physical activity options available, swimming is one such activity that is most suited to those with joint pains. Visit an Apollo Spectra Hospitals to know more about the benefits of swimming and how it can help one lose weight.

Swimming To Your Rescue

  1. Swimming is a form of aerobic activity which means that it uses our cardio-respiratory system. It, therefore, strengthens our heart, lungs and other muscles of the body.
  2. One of the many causes of knee pain is obesity. Our knees constantly struggle to bear the weight of our body. Energy cost of swimming a set distance is four times greater than running the same distance. Swimming thereby helps you burn more calories!
  3. Our body weight is greatly reduced while in water. This is because of the buoyancy of water and negligible role of gravity, allowing our knees, back, ankles to experience the least of pressures.
  4. Arthritis, whether rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, is now a common condition characterised by stiffness, swelling and inflammation causing difficulty in movement. The soothing warmth and buoyancy of water aids in relieving the pain and stiffness.
  5. Pain lasting for a few days or acute pain as a result of minor injury and sprain is alleviated with swimming. We experience 12 times the resistance in water than in air and any movement in water will only help in strengthening the muscles and joints, thereby developing aspects like stability, co-ordination and balance.
  6. Swimming helps restore flexibility of the joints and thereby assists in improved movement. This will further enhance your contribution to daily rituals and provide confidence to accomplish all that you couldn’t with the pain.

With swimming, we are optimistic, happier and calmer and develop the ability to face stressful situations in a balanced manner. There is an enhanced sense of well-being, which is essential to life. With countless benefits that swimming has to offer, especially in relieving joint pains, swimming is the most advised and recommended physical activity by most medical experts. Swim that pain away!