The process of Bankart Repair Rehabilitation

July 9, 2018

Bankart Repair surgery is a minimally invasive procedure which is performed to repair instability and restore the function of dislocated shoulders. The right patients for Bankart Repair surgery are those having severe shoulder instability for whom medication, physical therapy or other non-surgical techniques have worked.

The surgery essentially involves reattaching and tightening the torn labrum and ligaments of the shoulder. Sutures and small bone anchors are used for this surgery.

The glenohumeral joint is responsible for 60% of all shoulder motion. It is a modified ball-and-socket joint. The humeral head moves over the glenoid in a complex manner with actions such as rolling, gliding and sliding.

 A small fibre optic camera (an arthroscope) and other small instruments are used for the surgery. The surgery involves making small incisions, resulting in less discomfort and shorter recovery time.

Rehabilitation after Bankart repair surgery

  1. The bankart repair surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure.
  2. The first few days following surgery is painful but one can manage with the help of pain-killers. After the procedure, the shoulder may be immobilized with a sling.
  3. The patient wears the sling for at least the first two weeks to four weeks after the operation. They should remove the sling before bathing/showering, or during exercises.
  4. Seven to 10 days after the bankart surgery, patients should have a follow-up with their specialist.
  5. At this follow up, the specialist will review the surgery and most likely suggest an appointment with a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy helps to improve physical strength, the range of motion, and assists with normal activities of daily living.
  6. For the first four to six weeks following surgery, the focus of the patient should be on rehabilitation and be regaining as much range of motion of the shoulder as possible. (keeping surgical repair in mind).
  7. Depending on the progress of the patient, for the next four to six weeks, the focus of the physiotherapist will be on increasing the strength of the shoulder. As the strength of the shoulder gets better, the pain should decrease.
  8. Patients should visit their physiotherapist six-eight times over a period of 12 weeks.


Recovery period

Recovering from labral surgery, for some patients, is not an easy task. In a few cases, if the patient is an active participant during this process, they will return to their earlier strength levels.

Generally, when patients have fully recovered from Bankart Repair surgery, they report little to no pain and inflammation. Usually, patients are able to perform daily gentle activities with the operated arm starting two to three weeks after surgery.

It is important to properly understand the risks/benefits of the procedure and to prepare for it mentally and physically. Consult with the best specialists in the business, at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, to ensure excellent results and a speedy and comfortable recovery.