What type of exercises to be done after spine surgery?

December 4, 2018

Physical rehabilitation is important after any kind of spine surgery. One of the biggest hurdles one can face after a spinal injury is to reclaim their life.  The spine is one of the most sensitive yet strongest parts of your body. It does not only support the frame of your body but also directs it in terms of functioning both mentally and physically.


Your spine is divided into 3 main segments based on its position in your back, the upper segment of your spine that holds your neck and allows it to move & turn is called the cervical spine, below your cervical spine is the thoracic spine that covers your torso. And under your thoracic spine is the lumbar spine which helps you bend.


If you sustain an injury in any part of your spine, your normal functioning is very likely to suffer due to the impact of the injury. Right from pain in your back or cognitive disruption to loss of motor functions, you might suffer symptoms depending on the segment of the spine that has sustained the injury.


Rehabilitation is the process of getting back to normalcy after a spine surgery, with the help of a trained therapist. Your course of treatment will depend on the kind of injury you have sustained. Here are a few exercises that you could do at home to increase mobility and recover better.


You must remember that you need to be smart and take it slow and steady because one wrong move can lead to worsening of your condition. These exercises are general recommendations without taking into account your specific medical history or a spinal condition. We recommend that you consult with your surgeon too.


Some exercises for better mobility


Walking: Walking is by far one of the most effective exercises for better mobility after a spine surgery. You should not restrict yourself to bed rest. Instead, start moving and walking after your surgeon says you are fit to do so.


Stretch the hamstrings: The five tendons at the back of your knees are known as hamstrings, which when become tight can contribute to your back pain. Exercises that stretch the hamstrings to get them loose and flexible can help you return to your routine activities faster.


Physiotherapy: Depending on your surgery, your physiotherapist will develop an individually tailored exercise program. This will include exercises that will administer forces that are most beneficial for your spine, under different conditions.


Ankle Pumps: Lie on your back, move ankles up and down, repeat 10 times.


Heel Slides: Lie on your back, slowly bend, and straighten knee- repeat 10 times.


Straight Leg Raises: Lie on your back with one leg straight and one knee bent. Tighten abdominal muscles to stabilize your low back. Slowly lift leg straight up about 6 to 12 inches and hold for 1 to 5 seconds. Lower leg slowly and repeat 10 times.


These are a few exercises you could do at home to increase mobility and strength after a spinal surgery. We recommended that you consult with your therapist and surgeon before starting these exercises. They will have a better understanding of your condition and will tell you what is best for you.

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