What are the best exercises to do after a Knee Replacement surgery?

July 25, 2018
Best Exercises to Use After a Knee Replacement

Certain exercises, after knee replacement surgery, improve flexibility and strength of the new knee. The healing process is also made faster by increasing the blood flow. With the help of these exercises, one can get back to their normal activities like walking, running, climbing stairs and others.

After the knee replacement surgery, the patient can check into the rehab facility which is supervised by a physical therapist provided by the clinic or choose to get a home trainer. Either way, it is helpful for faster recovery.

If you choose to workout at home, listed below are the exercises that give maximum relief and help you get back to the everyday activities after the knee replacement surgery.


Walking is the best exercise, to begin with. Start walking around the house or in the neighbourhood with assisted walking devices like crutches, canes or a front- wheel walker. The right way to do the exercise is by advancing the crutches or cane and reach to it with the operated leg first. It is important to straighten the knee and touch the floor with the heel of the foot. One should walk as smoothly as possible and gradually increase the duration of walking by days. Once the knee is strong enough, you can choose to walk without any aid.

2.Stair climbing

Taking the stairs is part of our everyday activities. Why not make it a part of the workout? Begin with taking the support of the railing and advance with the good knee and take only one step at a time. This exercise helps in knee strengthening and increasing mobility. The exercise should be continued with the help of the hand railing until the proper balance is gained.

3.Knee bends

For knee bends stand erect with the help of a walker. Raise the thigh and bend the knee as much as possible. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds. Now slowly release the knee and touch the floor with the heel first.

4.Stationary cycling

This cardiovascular exercise particularly helps in strengthening quadriceps muscles. Quads are important for flexibility and stability in the knees. While exercising on this stationary bike, one should put more pressure on the pedal with the leg that has undergone the knee replacement. This gives maximum benefit and promotes faster recovery.

5.Straight leg raises

Straight leg raises are recommended only after a few weeks of surgery. These help in building quadriceps and hip flexor muscles. Start the exercise by lying on your back. Bend the unoperated leg in a way that the knee is up and the foot is down. Now tighten the thigh muscle of the operated leg with the knee fully straightened. Lift the leg and hold it in the air for 5-10 seconds. Now slowly bring down the leg. Repeat this until you are fatigued. This exercise may be exhausting but it is very crucial in regaining knee strength.


It is natural to have knee pain or swelling after these exercises. One can gain relief from pain by applying an ice pack. Start with a 15-minute workout every day. These exercises build strength around the knee and have a great positive impact on the recovery process. While the exercises are easy enough to do at home, it is always recommended to consult a specialist who can tailor the exercise program according to the individual’s needs. For expert guidance, visit Apollo Spectra to meet some of the top Orthopedicians.