December 14, 2018

Shoulder surgery imposes certain physical constraints on the patient for a minimum period of 6 weeks.  The time of recovery may even extend depending upon the gravity of the shoulder situation. Veteran doctors can ensure the best of shoulder surgery and suggest the finest medications to minimize the shoulder surgery recovery time. However, in order to spring back to one’s normal schedule and full mobility the person must abide by certain measures. Post-shoulder surgery, people are asked to wear the sling around their shoulders that ensures steady healing of the shoulder joint and regrowth of the joint muscles. Thus people need to be extra careful with themselves and their surroundings and never rush with the recovery process. Here are a few things that should be kept in mind after a person has undergone shoulder surgery.



  • Physical Activity: In case of a rotator cuff or ligament tear or labrum surgery, one must wear the shoulder sling at all times unless suggested otherwise by the doctor. The sling holds your shoulder intact and also prevents movement around the region. Never strain the joint muscles during the recovery time of shoulder surgery.


  • Sleeping Position: The first few days after shoulder surgery can leave the patient sleepless and restless. Lying flat on the back can hurt and sleeping sideways is also not recommended. Thus the best solution is to opt for a reclining chair. By placing a few pillows below the arm, one can attain a comfortable position and it will also lessen the risk of dislocating the shoulder sling.
  • Diet: Eat light before the surgery. Post-operation one may buy high fibre foods to combat the problem of constipation, which is a common problem owing to the heavy medicines.
  • Physiotherapy: After the surgery, a post-operative appointment is usually scheduled to give a detailed instruction about the physiotherapy. Initially pendulum and basic movements of the arm are shown. Swelling or redness may occur in this process, which implies the healing of the joint muscles. The key point is never to exert too much strength.



    • Medicines & Pain Control: The medications prescribed by the doctor will assist you during the recovery time. It is absolutely crucial to follow the doctor’s advice to a tee. The application of ice pack over the swollen region can also help with the pain management.


  • Attend to the incision area: In case of swelling, reddening or uncontrollable itch around that area, contact the doctor immediately. Patients must pay proper heed to the incision area and at all costs safeguard it from moisture and dirt. It is advisable to have some assistance while taking baths so that you do not dampen the wound.  


  • Driving: The captive state post shoulder surgery can lead to boredom. During the recovery time of shoulder surgery, people often give in to their impulses of outdoor activity. This can prove strenuous for your health and also aggravate the injury. Once the sling comes out and with the doctor’s recommendation, one may go for driving. It is also not advisable to drive while you are on heavy medications.




It is of utmost importance to have near and dear ones close by who will provide the emotional and moral support during this distressing and difficult period. Do not let the feeling of joblessness overwhelm you during the recovery time of shoulder surgery. Instead, use this time to respect your health and understand the needs of your well-being. In case of further query consult the specialists of Apollo Spectra Hospitals and get the best of remedies for any ailment. Book an appointment today.