Breast Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad

Also known as reduction mammaplasty, the extra fat, tissues, and even the excess skin is removed from the breasts by the surgeon. When a woman has very large breasts, it may cause discomfort, therefore, breast reduction surgery in Hyderabad can help ease any problems you are facing due to extremely large breasts. Also, when the breasts don’t look proportionate or very large, they may make you self-conscious, impacting your life. Hence, this surgery will help you boost that confidence. Sometimes, medical reasons also call for this surgery.

Why do people opt for breast reduction surgery?

This surgery is performed on women, who want to reduce the size of the breasts. The most common reasons for this are;

  • If you are experiencing extreme back pain, shoulder pain or even neck pain, which has been diagnosed as chronic and requires you to take medicines, including painkillers
  • If you are suffering from a chronic rash or skin irritation under the breasts
  • If you have nerve pain
  • If the activity has been restricted
  • If you are suffering from low self-esteem because of your breasts
  • If you are finding it difficult to find the right bra, clothing, etc.
When is it not for you?
  • If you are someone who smokes
  • If you have medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart problems, etc.
  • If you are extremely obese
  • If you are not okay with any scars on the breasts
At what age can you opt for this surgery?

You can go for this surgery at any age, even if you are a teenager. However, if your breasts are not fully developed then you might have to go for another surgery in the later stages of your life.

When should you postpone this surgery?

If you are planning on having children in the near future, you might want to wait until you are done with the childbirth. This is because post-breast reduction surgery, breastfeeding might become a little difficult. But, you can talk to the doctor about ways to preserve your abilities to breastfeed.
Also, if you are planning on losing weight with the help of diet or an exercise routine, it is best to wait. This is because workouts and losing weight can reduce the size of the breasts. Therefore, if you are losing the desired amount naturally, you may want to wait and see.

How to prepare for the surgery?

Before the surgery, it is best if you are well-prepared.

  • Firstly, your surgeon will go through your medical records and do a physical evaluation if required. Also, you might have to undergo a few tests if necessary.
  • Once everything is okay, your doctor will talk to you about the expectations you have for the breast size. And, also talk about its appearance post-surgery.
  • Your surgeon will then walk you through the whole procedure to make sure you understand how it is done, etc. This is the time to clear all your doubts. You may ask any question that is bothering you.
  • Your doctor will then proceed to take the measurements of your breasts and examine them.
  • Photographs of the breasts may also be taken for the medical records.
  • Your doctor will explain the type of anesthesia used.
  • It is important to let your surgeon know about all the medications you are taking, even if it is an herbal medicine or a natural supplement. If required, your surgeon may ask you to stop taking certain medications for a few days.
  • You may have to undergo various tests
  • Get a baseline mammogram
  • If you are someone who smokes, it is important that you quit as it can come in between proper healing and also cause complications. If you need help, you can talk to your doctor about it.
  • Don’t self-medicate.
  • You must ask your doctor on how long you may have to stay in the hospital and you must ask someone to stay with you during and even after the surgery. The first couple of days after the surgery can be tough to manage on your own.
  • Make sure you arrange your home accordingly.
  • Ask your doctor on all the instruction that you must follow.
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