Breast Specialist Doctor in Pune

Who is a Breast specialist?

Breast specialists are doctors who are trained in conditions and diseases related to the breasts. They can perform biopsies and surgeries. A variety of conditions can affect the breasts ranging from benign rashes to breast cancer. You should always see your breast specialist if you notice any complications. At Apollo Spectra, our breast specialists in Pune provide the expert diagnosis in detecting any problem you may have and offer dedicated care to restore full breast health.

What are the common breast conditions which the breast specialists in Pune treat?

1) Lumps: A breast lump is an abnormal tissue growth in your breast that feels like a mass or swelled growth. Most breast lumps are benign or non-cancerous or due to some other condition, but they can also be an indicator of breast cancer, especially if there is a history of breast disease in your family. If you notice any abnormal growth, it’s better to consult your breast specialist.

2) Breast pain: This is common among women of all age groups and can be caused due to various reasons. Breast pain can be mild or severe. Possible occurrences include during  menstrual cycle, breastfeeding or due to fat imbalances. Cyclic breast pain is usually a part of the menstrual cycle, while non-cyclic breast pain may be an indicator of some other underlying cause. Cyclic pain is usually dull and heavy that affects both breasts and can be accompanied by breast swelling. Pain can also radiate to the underarms and is usually more intense during the weeks leading up to your period. Non-cyclic breast pain is characterized by burning, tight pain that is constant (but can also be intermittent) often affecting a single breast or a localized area.

3) Breast cysts: The formation of sacs filled with fluid inside the breasts is called breast cysts. They are often benign and may not require treatment. They occur commonly in menopausal women and can be felt as lumps. Cysts may also cause nipple discharge that is clear, yellow or dark. If you notice any developing lump, immediately seek medical advice from your doctor.

4) Rash: A rash is redness and irritation of the skin. It can be scaly, painful or itchy. Breast rashes are mostly not serious and heal on their own. However, if you experience symptoms such as fever, severe pain, sores, fluid coming from the rash, or red streaks, consult a specialist immediately.

5) Breast calcification: When calcium deposits form within the breast tissue it is referred to as breast calcification. They can be detected through a breast exam and look like white spots. They are common among menopausal women. Though most calcifications are benign, some might be related to breast cancer. If your doctor finds the calcification to be suspicious, he may perform a biopsy to detect cancer.

6) Mastitis: Inflamed breast tissue as a result of an infection is called mastitis. It can cause swelling, redness and pain, and prevalent in breastfeeding women. Other symptoms include warmness of the breast, lumps, thickening of the breast tissue, fever, weakness, and fatigue. The two most common causes of mastitis are blocked milk ducts and a bacterial infection. Treatment usually involves a course of antibiotics.

7) Hyperplasia: Abnormal cell growth in the breast is called hyperplasia. It rarely causes lumps but they can be detected through a mammogram. For further diagnosis, a biopsy is required which is performed through a needle and the tissue is tested under a microscope. Mild or usual hyperplasia is benign, but moderate to severe hyperplasia can increase the risks of breast cancer. In any case, it’s better to get it examined by your breast specialist.

8)  Breast cancer: It is the most prevalent cancer in women. Its common symptoms include a lump in the breast or armpit, inverted nipple, discharge from the nipple, soreness of the nipples, breast pain, swollen lymph nodes, change in size and texture of the breast. Treatment depends on the stage of the disease and can range from surgery to chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

It is difficult to ascertain the nature of the condition affecting the breast without a medical diagnosis. While issues affecting the breast are usually benign, there is always a risk of cancer. Breast specialists at Apollo Spectra will help you diagnose any underlying causes and take the necessary steps to ensure your breasts are healthy and cancer-free.

Why Apollo Spectra Hospital, Pune?

Apollo Spectra offers a wide range of state-of-the-art breast care services including diagnostics, surgery, medical oncology, and post-treatment support. Our talented team of breast specialists and compassionate staff provides highly advanced treatment techniques, all housed within a serene facility designed to give the best experience to our patients.