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Breast Health

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Breast Health

Breast health refers to the maintenance of the regular texture of breasts through all stages of life. It involves periodic breast exams, screening tests and surgeries to detect and correct any abnormalities.

What should you know about breast health?

Breast health is a vital aspect of a woman’s health because of the possibility of breast cancer. Early detection of abnormal tissue growth or lump formation can reduce the risk of cancer spreading to other organs. There are several ways to determine any unusual development in the breast. Some of these tests are breast self-exams, clinical breast exams and a range of screening procedures. Doctors use the latest imaging techniques like ultrasound screening, mammograms, and breast surgery in Delhi. Breast cancer is a treatable condition if you take care of your breast health. Consult any reputed breast surgeon in Delhi to assess your risk.

Who qualifies for screening and surgeries to maintain breast health?

Every woman must perform breast self-examination at home because women are more prone to breast cancer than men. A gynecologist at any reputed breast surgery hospital in Delhi can guide you about breast self-exam. Your doctor will conduct a clinical breast examination if you suspect any abnormalities in any of the breasts. Following situations may qualify you for a breast screening or breast surgery:

  • Presence of a painful or painless lump
  • Discharge from the nipples 
  • Nipple turning inward
  • Family history of cancer
  • Abnormal mammogram

Why are the screening tests and surgeries performed?

The tests and surgeries for maintaining breast health are essential for diagnosis and treatment of breast abnormalities.

  • Diagnosis - The most valid reason for routine breast self-examinations or other screening procedures is to detect abnormalities at an early stage and take immediate corrective action. With the advances in imaging technology, doctors can identify benign and malignant breast diseases before it may be too late. A surgical breast biopsy in Delhi is also part of the diagnosis as it can confirm cancer. 
  • Preventive surgery and treatment - Removal of the healthy breast in a high-risk woman, surgery for breast conservation, breast reduction and augmentation are some treatment options for the restoration of breast health. 

What are the benefits of breast screening and surgical procedures?

Breast screening tests and surgical procedures help detect cancer for a timely treatment to prevent complications such as the spread of cancer. These tests are of immense value for maintaining breast health in women. Doctors can identify cancer cells by performing a surgical breast biopsy in Delhi.?

Breast surgery offers relief to patients suffering from a breast abscess. Visit an experienced breast surgeon in Nehru Enclave if you suspect any abnormalities in the breasts to know your options.

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What are the risks of screening procedures and breast surgeries?

One may suffer from anxiety during and after the procedure until the final report is available. There is a remote possibility of missing a diagnosis in mammogram tests. You should also know about radiation exposure during the screening procedures, such as a mammogram.

Breast surgeries can have common risks and complications, such as bleeding, tissue damage, side effects of anesthesia and infection. These risks are minimal if you select a reputed breast surgery hospital in Delhi. You need to focus on the benefits of these procedures against the potential risks.

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How to take care of breast health?

Maintaining a healthy weight by focusing on calorie intake and routine exercise is essential for your breast health. Go for a BMI of 23 to minimize the risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer risk is far less in women who breastfeed babies for a minimum of six months. You can maintain good breast health by regular self-examinations and screenings to rule out the possibility of any unusual lumps.

What should I do if my mammogram shows abnormalities?

An abnormal mammogram does not mean that you have breast cancer. Reputed breast surgeon in Nehru Enclave will recommend follow-up tests like diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound or MRI for further investigation. Alternatively, your doctor may ask you to undergo a follow-up mammogram after a year. A breast biopsy in Delhi will be helpful if the repeat mammograms and other tests detect anything suspicious.

What is a breast biopsy?

A breast biopsy is a procedure to detect any abnormality in the breast by removing a tiny amount of breast tissues with a needle biopsy or a surgical biopsy method. It may take a couple of days for the result of a biopsy test. There should be no reason to worry because cancer is treatable in the early stage.

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