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Lumpectomy Surgery in Nehru Enclave, Delhi

You may be advised to undergo lumpectomy by your doctor when you have complaints about abnormal coloration or inflammation and discharge from a breast. It is not a cause for alarm though. This is a surgical procedure carried out by the best lumpectomy doctor in New Delhi.

A surgeon will remove a small part of the affected tissue along with some of the adjoining tissues that may be healthy. A number of medical professionals may refer to the procedure as wide local excision, quadrantectomy of breast-conserving surgery instead of lumpectomy.

The best lumpectomy doctor in New Delhi would prefer this procedure to mastectomy as it helps to retain some amount of breast tissue. It is usually considered to be the right treatment for patients diagnosed with breast cancer during the early stages.

However, lumpectomy alone may not be enough to treat cancer. You may be asked to go through radiation therapy after the surgery in order to rule out recurrence.

What is lumpectomy?

You may be advised to undergo breast surgery in New Delhi when diagnosed with a tumor in your breast. Remember that the tumor that will be removed from your breast may be cancerous or completely benign (noncancerous). The surgeon will not only remove the tumor, but will also remove some of the healthy tissue surrounding it. It is definitely a major surgery but you will be able to recover without any complications if the cancerous cells are confined to the area. Top lumpectomy surgeons in New Delhi recommend surgical removal of associated lymph nodes along with the diseased breast tissue. The lymph nodes are examined for signs of cancer and further treatment is advised if the indications reveal spread of cancerous cells beyond the breast.

Who requires lumpectomy?

Common factors that qualify you as the right candidate for lumpectomy include:

  • Precancerous condition of the breast tissue
  • Early stage of cancer with the size of the tumor being smaller in comparison to the size of your breast
  • There is enough breast tissue available for removal of the surrounding cells that may or may not be cancerous
  • You are healthy enough to undergo radiation therapy afterwards

Why is lumpectomy necessary?

The primary objective of lumpectomy is to eliminate all cancerous tissues in order to keep the condition under control. Partial removal of breast tissue will enable you to retain the shape of your breasts without being mentally affected by it. Statistics reveal that lumpectomy followed by radiation therapy is as effective as total removal of the breast for preventing recurrence. The success rate is particularly higher for patients with early-stage breast cancer or those who are at the precancerous stage. A breast surgeon in New Delhi may also recommend the procedure when you have been diagnosed with a noncancerous breast tumor.

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What are the advantages of lumpectomy?

  • Maximum amount of healthy breast tissue is retained so that the shape of the breast remains intact
  • You will not feel any emotional impact as your breasts do not alter greatly in appearance
  • The cancerous tissue can be removed totally with chances of recurrence minimized when you follow it with radiation therapy
  • You would be able to deliver a healthy baby after undergoing lumpectomy by postponing radiation therapy to a later date

What are the risks?

The procedure is a relatively safe one despite being a major surgery. The best lumpectomy doctor in Nehru Enclave will make sure to eliminate all risk factors. Unfortunately, there is a minuscule chance of being affected with any of the following after the surgery:

  • Bleeding from the site of surgery
  • Infection
  • Pain in the concerned area
  • Inflammation
  • Scar formation at the site
  • Alteration in size as well as shape of the breast leading to a lopsided appearance


Lumpectomy is a major breast surgery but has far less complications than total removal of the beast. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor about the risks and benefits before you agree to undergo the procedure. The shape of your breast is likely to remain unaltered after the surgery.





How soon can I recover from lumpectomy?

You will be able to recover within an hour or two after the procedure has been done by the best lumpectomy doctor in Nehru Enclave.

Can I be cancer-free after the surgery?

Chances of recurrence are rare after lumpectomy, but you may be advised to go for follow-up treatment as well as counseling sessions regularly.

Will there be many restrictions after the procedure?

You may be asked to follow a sedentary lifestyle with a balanced diet. Follow-up sessions with your doctor, surgeon and oncologist (cancer specialist) are recommended.


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