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Mastectomy Treatment & Diagnostics in Nehru Enclave, Delhi


Breast cancer treatment may include mastectomy or removal of the breast tissue entirely from your body. The procedure involved a radical mastectomy earlier where all cancerous cells that had spread beyond the breast, along with the affected lymph nodes within the underarms, were removed as well. Surgeons took extra precaution by removing some of the chest muscles located beneath the breasts too.

Medical science has advanced considerably in the last few years with mastectomy surgeons in New Delhi performing a less invasive surgery now. Unfortunately, lumpectomy or removal of a single, small-sized tumor does not always work when a patient has been diagnosed with a relatively advanced stage of cancer. You may find it difficult to choose between lumpectomy and mastectomy but not everyone qualifies for the former procedure.

Most women feel a bit apprehensive about having an entire breast removed. Thankfully, top mastectomy surgeons in New Delhi are experts in surgical procedures. They may keep the skin of the breast intact while removing the tissue from the area. Termed as a skin sparing procedure, this type of mastectomy retains the appearance of the breast even after the procedure is complete. A breast restoration technique may be performed after recovery thereby ensuring that the natural shape of your breast remains intact.

What happens during mastectomy?

You will be under the influence of general anesthesia for the entire duration of the surgery and unable to feel anything. You may be asking for a breast surgeon near you but the procedure will be done in consultation with other professionals too. The surgeon will begin by making a small incision in the area that has been earmarked as cancerous. The affected tissue will be removed carefully from the area with the extent being dependent on your condition. The affected lymph nodes will also be excised from the armpit, some of the adjoining healthy tissue may be removed as well. The surgeon performing the procedure may consult a plastic surgeon in New Delhi if you want to undergo a breast reconstruction surgery simultaneously. You will be advised about the procedure with a radiation therapist explaining the benefits of undergoing radiation therapy after mastectomy.

Who is the right candidate for mastectomy?

This type of breast surgery will be considered when:

  • You have been diagnosed with breast cancer with the presence of a large-sized tumor 
  • The cancerous cells have affected multiple parts of the breast
  • Radiation therapy without surgery does not look promising for you
  • You have precancerous tissues in the breast
  • You are a man diagnosed with gynecomastia or abnormal growth of breasts

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What are the different procedures for mastectomy?

Mastectomy surgery in New Delhi refers to an all-encompassing term for removal of breast tissue. There are multiple types of this surgery performed in accordance with the requirements of a patient. You will thus have to go through:

  • Total mastectomy when the cancer has spread beyond your breast
  • Preventive mastectomy when your breast has precancerous tissues
  • Partial mastectomy when you have been diagnosed with Stage II or Stage III cancer
  • Radical mastectomy when the beast along with all tissues and the nipple are removed totally

What are the benefits?

  • The chances of cancer recurrence is rare with only about 1% to 3% affected by it once again
  • The breast can be reconstructed by a plastic surgeon so that the shape, size or appearance remains intact
  • You will be able to avoid radiation therapy once the cancerous tissue is removed by experienced mastectomy surgeons in Nehru Enclave
  • You will not require regular mammograms
  • Survival rate for patients with successful mastectomy is relatively higher in comparison to other procedures

What are the risks of mastectomy?

This procedure is a major, invasive surgery that poses a few risks. Deemed generally safe, you may experience any of the following after the procedure:

  • Bleeding from the surgical wounds
  • The surgical site is infected
  • Developing lymphedema (inflammation of the arm)
  • Seroma (fluid-filled pockets below the incision area) development
  • Risks associated with general anesthesia


Mastectomy is a widely recommended surgical procedure to treat breast cancer. It may also be done to prevent cancer in high-risk patients. Do not fail to consult an oncologist or general surgeon when you have been diagnosed with breast cancer.




Can I prevent breast cancer after undergoing mastectomy?

The best mastectomy surgeons in Nehru Enclave will only advise you to go through it if they believe it will help to eliminate the risk

Will I continue to feel pain after the surgery?

You will be prescribed pain-reducing drugs as well as provided with suggestions for pain management.

Will the breast be misshapen after the procedure?

Most patients opt for breast reconstruction so there is no alteration in the appearance of breasts. It is a safe procedure that follows mastectomy.

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