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Minor injury Care

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Minor Sports Injuries Treatment in Nehru Enclave, Delhi

What is minor injury care?

Minor injury care is of great significance in day-to-day life. Common types of minor injuries are minor burns, cuts, scrapes, insect or animal bites, strains, and sprains. Although first aid at home is the primary treatment for most minor injuries, one should consult a healthcare expert in any reputed facility of general medicine in Nehru Enclave to prevent complications. Assessment of insect or animal bites at general medicine hospitals in Delhi is also essential.

What are different minor injuries?

Minor injuries can happen because of thermal, electrical, and mechanical factors. Injuries can also occur because of insects and animal bites. Sports injuries are routine in competitive sports activities, such as swimming, football, basketball, running, and weight lifting. Following are some examples of minor injuries:

  • Bruises
  • Wounds
  • Impact injuries
  • Broken teeth
  • Ankle sprains
  • Knee injuries 
  • Burns
  • Minor electric shock 
  • Scrapes
  • Muscle injuries

Visit a nearby general hospital in Delhi to get timely treatment for minor injuries.

What are the symptoms of minor injuries?

Symptoms and signs of minor injuries can vary according to the cause and the affected body part. Not the following symptoms according to parts of the body:

  • Legs and arms- You may notice bleeding, tenderness, swelling, and pain.
  • Back injuries– Tenderness, bleeding, and restricted movements are a few symptoms of back injuries.
  • Head injuries- Symptoms of pain, bleeding, swelling, and tenderness may be present in head injuries.
  • Injuries in the abdomen and lower torso- Watch for rigidity, swelling, and pain. 
  • Neck injuries- Notice the symptoms of rigidity, tingling sensation, or numbness, bleeding, swelling, and deformity.

What are the common causes of minor injuries?

Injury is possible because of an object, high-speed impact, fire, toxic substances, animal bites, and insect stings. Following is a broad classification of causes:

  • Mechanical causes- These include injuries because of extreme force, cuts, crushes, and scrapes. 
  • Electrical causes- Injuries are possible if you touch live electrical cables or defective electrical appliances.
  • Thermal causes- Injuries can happen because of extreme cold or heat that damages superficial layers of skin.
  • Visit any reputed healthcare facility of general medicine in Nehru Enclave to get timely treatment if the injury is causing extreme discomfort and pain.

When to see a doctor for minor injuries?

The appearance of minor injuries may be deceptive. Even a momentary loss of consciousness can lead to an emergency. Minor head injuries or back injuries need immediate medical attention. Contact any doctor of general medicine in Delhi if you notice the following signs:

  • Profuse bleeding
  • Lips and fingernails turning blue
  • Loss of alertness
  • Chest pain
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Vomiting

You should not neglect these signs and symptoms even if the injury appears to be minor. Visit any of the general medicine doctors in Nehru Place for timely treatment.

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What is the treatment for minor injuries?

Every treatment option for minor injury should include first aid according to the type and severity of the injury. First aid can prevent complications and can prove lifesaving in some situations. Primary treatment options for minor injury care include stitching of cuts, cleaning, and dressing the wounds.

Clean the wound to remove dust and other debris if the injury is because of cuts and abrasions. Apply the first aid to arrest the bleeding. Pouring cold water on the affected area can prevent blistering because of burns. Visit a reliable medical facility of general medicine in Delhi for suitable treatment.

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Minor injury care focuses on providing first aid to prevent any risk to life. Some minor injuries such as sprains and strains may not present with severe symptoms, but these can worsen without professional medical help. Timely treatment at any of the general medicine hospitals in Nehru Enclave is necessary for faster recovery and prevention of infections and other complications.

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How to avoid scarring after cuts or scrapes?

Wear protective gear like a helmet, gloves, and pads to prevent an injury and subsequent scarring. Immediate treatment with first aid can also minimize scarring. Avoid removing the crust while the wound is healing. Consider visiting a clinic of general medicine in Nehru Enclave to reduce the effect of scarring.

What is the first aid for a nosebleed?

Prevent the draining of blood into the throat by slightly leaning the head forward. Try to arrest the bleeding by using a cloth to press nostrils. Repeat this after every ten minutes. Visit any of the general medicine doctors in Delhi if the bleeding does not stop.

Can I use an antibiotic ointment to heal the wound?

Use of any antibiotic without a doctor’s recommendation is not advisable. Treatment of a wound involves regular dressing to prevent infection. Draining pus and removal of foreign particles is also necessary to avoid infections.


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