Dermatologist in Chembur

Looks and appearance play a significant role in determining your self-confidence. A large chunk of the population suffers from a lack of confidence because of their dissatisfaction with their appearance. We all wish to have a perfectly contoured body, a radiant looking skin which in turn can garner oodles of compliments. Well, you do not have to worry anymore, since the medical world is laden with solutions for you! Cosmetic surgery is a type of surgery which aims at improving a person’s appearance. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on the face, neck and any other part of the body. It is usually not performed due to any medical reasons and is majorly performed for cosmetic reasons. A cosmetic surgeon is a surgeon who specializes in performing cosmetic or aesthetic procedures. A cosmetic surgeon might belong to any medical specialties including general surgery, dermatology, gynecology etc. who also have an expertise in performing cosmetic procedures.

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When should you see a dermatologist?

Skin problems can exhibit a wide range of symptoms. We at Apollo Spectra suggest you visit a dermatologist in case you notice the following symptoms on your skin-

  • Ulcers
  • Raised red or white bumps
  • Rough or scaly skin
  • Peeling skin
  • A loss of skin pigment
  • Dry cracked skin
  • Warts, fleshy bumps on the skin
  • Increased flushing of the skin
  • Open sores
  • Excessive skin pigment
  • A change in an existing mole or a new mole that appears abnormal

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What are the various dermatological treatments available at Apollo Spectra?

At Apollo Spectra, Chembur, our expert dermatologists are devoted to providing the unparalleled treatments for your skin conditions. Some common skin conditions treated at Apollo Spectra, include-

Acne- Acne is one of the most common skin condition affecting a multitude of people across the globe. Acne or a pimple is caused when the follicle of a skin gland clogs up. While acne is not a very serious condition, if not treated on time, it can cause scars on the skin. At Apollo Spectra, our skilled dermatologists examine the cause of your acne and suggest treatments accordingly. The most common treatment includes prescription medicines including- Benzoyl peroxide, Retinol, Salicylic acid. Our dermatologists also suggest ways to maintain skin hygiene and making certain lifestyle changes.

Eczema- Eczema or atopic dermatitis,  a long-term condition which characterized by dry and itchy skin along with rashes. The cause of atopic dermatitis is not yet known, however, a combination of genetic and environmental factors are considered responsible for this condition. At Apollo Spectra, our dermatologists may prescribe a combination of medicines and counseling for self-care as solutions to manage eczema.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles- As we age, our skin goes undergoes a lot of changes such as fine lines and wrinkles start to appear on the skin. Skin wrinkling can also result from excessive smoking and exposure to the sun. While wrinkles may not result in any serious health issues, they may take a toll on your self-confidence. At Apollo Spectra, we offer a number of treatment options that can help in soothing the skin and managing fine lines and wrinkles.

Rosacea- Rosacea is a skin condition characterized by frequent flushing or blushing of the skin on the face. It may also appear in form of blood vessels under the skin and may also cause your eyes and nose to swell. At Apollo Spectra, our dermatologists perform a thorough skin examination and understand your medical history to diagnose this condition. While there is no known cure for rosacea yet, treatment can help prevent it from aggravating.

Melanoma- Melanoma is the most deadly forms of skin cancers. Early diagnosis of melanoma aid incomplete treatment and recovery. Melanoma manifests some warning signs which one should keep a check on, including-

  • A mole that is asymmetrical
  • A mole that appears to be growing or changing in shape
  • A mole that appears abnormal or has irregular edges

In case you notice any of the above-mentioned changes on your skin, you see a dermatologist immediately. At Apollo Spectra, Chembur, we provide the most effective treatment and care for those suffering from Melanoma. Depending on the severity of the disease, treatment may comprise of laser therapies, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or a combination of all.

Why should you choose Apollo Spectra for your Dermatological treatments?

At Apollo Spectra, we have equipped a team of the leading dermatologists in Chembur, who have garnered national and international recognition. We aim at providing thorough care for all types of dermatological/skin conditions using cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment methods. Book an appointment now!