ENT Specialist in Gwalior

At Apollo Spectra, we have best ENT specialist in Gwalior treating all kinds of ENT disorders including ear infections, balance disorders, ear noise (tinnitus), nerve pain. ENT specialist is also known as Otolaryngologist. Some of the conditions we treat include

Strep throat

Strep throat– A germ which belongs to bacteria family named streptococci infects the throat which causes strep throat. It is a very common kind of infection as these bacteria are also very common. A specific test is used to examine and diagnose it. The signs an infected person can show are as follows-

  • Facing difficulties in fallowing
  • The throat is harsh and sore
  • An enlargement can be observed in tonsils.
  • Lymph nodes appeared enlarged
  • Fever and body aching
  • That fatigue which doesn’t go with the rest.

This disease can be viral as one can get it while being in contact with the infected person, especially when it comes to infants and kids. They should be kept away from such infections. In winters, a person is more prone to this infection, so one should pay special attention in that season in order to avoid such problems.


Sinusitis– The sinusitis usually occurs in months of extreme winters, so keeping yourself safe should be a priority. This disease is caused by germs when they can enter the ambush of the skull surrounding nose and eyes. Due to which one can face inflammation and pain in that area. Sinusitis can be acute and chronic depending on the severity of the effect of germs. Acute one is often caused soon after common cold, only if it was not cured on time. Considering chronic one can be serious as the cause could be more than germs, likewise- allergies or serious ailments like bronchial asthma. The symptoms that can be observed to get its cured done-

  • Severe pressure and ache in the head.
  • Coughing
  • A varied discharge through nasal.
  • Fever and fatigue are really common.
  • Feeling of being clogged.
Ear Infections

Ear Infections– Talking about the most prevalent one can think of ear infections as they are a really common type of ENT disorders. The main reason for their occurrence is the trapping of germs inside the ear. Other than that, the tube which prevents the unwanted germs sometimes gets blocked with mucus, fluids or even different microbes, when they get huge in amount. The tube basically, named as Eustachian is started from inside of the ear to the back of the throat. Let’s sees some of the symptoms of this disorder-

  • If you feel pain and coercion inside the ear, it can be due to an infection.
  • If you are having a high temperature.
  • Your body is unbalanced.
  • Difficulty in hearing is also a big sign.
  • Patients with the history of an upper respiratory infection are more prone to this infection as well.
  • Feel like gagging.
  • Discharge from the ear in form of fluids.

This disorder is most common in kids. In children one can see tugging in ears, crying more than often that too without reason, abnormal eating habits, and cannot handle loud noises are seen as symptoms of ear infection.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea– Under this disease, one can stop breathing for some time, literally but during their sleep. Even during sleep, one sitting next to the patient can observe their snoring and be choking. The main reasons behind the development of this disease are being overweight, enlargement of tonsils, inherited with small airways, or habitual of taking narcotics before sleeping. Being obese is even worse in this case as it can lead to an obstructive one. Despite being a common disorder, its health issues are not common. This can lead to severe problems if not treated on time, so if you got some of the further symptoms then seeing an ENT specialist in Gwalior asap is vital-

  • Having intervals in sleep and wake up on a frequent basis in the middle of it.
  • Being drowsy all day long.
  • Having bad mood swings, which are hard to deal with.
  • Symptoms of acute depression or being depressed all the time.
  • Having a sore and dry throat usually in the morning
  • Feeling of freshness is not there even after sleeping and taking rest.
  • That Ache in the head.

This problem should be considered as serious as others due to its effects that this can create easily those who are more prone should be aware.
So, never ignore and treat immediately as these problems are often associated with serious ailments. Looking for best ENT specialist in Gwalior? Book your appointment today!