Eye Specialist in Delhi

Eyes are a part of our sensory organs. Taking proper care of your eyes is extremely important. And, one of the most important factors of eye care is consulting a good eye specialist in Delhi. So, how would you choose an eye doctor? Before you make that decision, let us first understand the types of eye doctors.

Who is an optometrist?
An optometrist is a part of the healthcare profession but is not a medical doctor. They provide general vision care, such sight testing, vision management, etc.
Who is an ophthalmologist?
An ophthalmologist is a medical professional and a medical doctor, whose specialization lies in eye care and the vision care. They can provide both surgical and non-surgical treatments.
Who is an optician?
Eye technicians who help provide the prescription glasses, contact lenses, and other corrective devices are known as an optician.
What are the most common eye disorders treated at Apollo Spectra, Delhi?
It is important to understand that most of us suffer from eye infections or eye disorders at least once in our lifetime. Some disorders can rectify on their own, while others require proper treatment. The below-mentioned problems are the most common disorders today;

Eye strain
If you are someone who reads extensively, works on the computer for long hours, or basically overuses the eyes, then they might get strained and might require proper rest. So, during times like this, you must take a break for a few days and visit an eye specialist in Delhi, at Apollo Spectra. Our eye specialists will help treat the issue and also provide you with preventive measures to avoid the same in the future.
Red eyes
If your eyes look red and bloodshot, then the reason is the blood vessels present on the surface of the eyes become irritated and expand, which is why it looks bloodshot. An infection can also produce the same effect. Red eyes may also mean conjunctivitis, sun damage, etc. However, you must not practice any treatments on your own. If your eye turns red, visit our eye specialist in Delhi immediately.
Night blindness
Some people have trouble with the night vision. So, if you are someone who finds it very difficult to see when it is too dark then it is probably because of night blindness. Also, it is not an entire disorder, but merely a symptom. It can be because of, cataracts, keratoconus, vitamin A deficiency, etc.
Lazy eye
Also known as amblyopia, it occurs when one eye doesn’t develop accordingly. As the name suggests, it may move around lazily, while one eye stays put.
Cross Eye
If your eyes are not lined up correctly, they may look cross. However, this is not a condition which will go away on its own, but you will have to visit an ophthalmologist for correction.
Usually, if you cannot tell the difference between red and greens, it can mean that you have color-blindness. When this condition becomes very severe, you will see shades of grey, however, it is very rare.
This is when you are not able to view the objects close to you, despite being able to see the objects far away. This is a condition which usually occurs after your turn 40.
Dry Eyes
When your eyes are not able to make quality tears, you may experience dry eyes. In very rare cases, it can cause loss of vision. However, with proper treatments, you will be able to rectify it and prevent any future disorders.
This is a condition when the eyes become cloudy or blurred. This condition forms slowly, however, they don’t cause any symptoms like pain, redness of the eye, or tears.
The pressure on the optic nerve can become too high sometimes and that is glaucoma. Usually, the symptoms don’t occur, therefore, you may not be able to detect it. Generally, glaucoma occurs because of injury, blocked blood vessels, and eye inflammation.
Retinal disorders
A retina is a very thin layer made up of cells, which are present at the back of the eyes. They take the images and transfer it to the brain. It can occur due to age, diabetes, and retinal detachment.

Why Apollo Spectra?
At Apollo Spectra, we have the best eye specialist in Delhi. They will provide excellent care and help you take care of your precious eyes. If you notice any irritation in your eyes, don’t avoid it. It is important to visit an eye specialist. Our eye specialists are highly-qualified and offer excellent care. So, for the best eye care, visit your nearest Apollo Spectra today!