Gynaecologist in Gwalior

A gynaecologist is a medical doctor who takes care of the reproductive health in women. At Apollo Spectra, we have bets gynaecologist in Gwalior to make sure all is going well with puberty and your reproductive system.

Why should you see a gynaecologist?
Going to the gynaecologist is necessary. It is one of the ways to take care of your body. So, why must you see a gynaecologist in Gwalior, at Apollo Spectra?

  • Annual health check-ups will help you prevent several severe diseases
  •  When one hits puberty, our gynaecologists can help one understand how to take care of the body and will also help you understand it.
  •  If you notice any symptoms, our gynaecologists will diagnose and provide the perfect treatment.
  •  Our gynaecologists can also help you understand about sex.
When should you visit your gynaecologist in Gwalior?
  • If you are having irregular periods or if it has been almost 3 months since your last period.
  • If you have an uncommon vaginal discharge.
  • If the vaginal discharge is too smelly, with a strong smell.
  • If you experience problems with your periods, such as pain, heavy bleeding, and more.
  • If by the age of 15, you haven’t gotten your period
  • If you suspect pregnancy
  • For any pregnancy related issues
What are the most common gynaecological conditions treated at Apollo Spectra Gwalior?
• Fibroids

Medically known as leiomyoma, fibroids are unusual growths on the muscle walls of the uterus. These structures are usually round and firm. Most fibroids are non-cancerous growth. The most common symptoms include; heavy menstrual periods, continuous menstrual flow if you start to show signs of anaemia, abdomen pain, if there are substantial changes in the urinary pattern, constipation, back pain, and legs become swollen due to deep vein thrombosis.

• Ovarian cysts

Cysts are sacs filled with fluid. They can vary in size and the content and may be cancerous or non-cancerous. The risk factors include; old age if your family has a history of breast cancer if your family has a history of ovarian cancer, obesity, and hormonal replacement therapy. The symptoms of this condition include; acute stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, painful periods, and pain while having sex, irregular periods, bloating, discomfort in the lower abdomen, losing weight all of a sudden, changes in urinary and bowel habits.

• Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Today, polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS affects almost 15% of women. It is a complex condition, which has no cure, but with proper treatment, you will be able to manage the symptoms significantly. The main symptoms of PCOS are irregular periods, infertility, obesity, and skin problems, such as hirsutism, acne, or acanthosis nigricans.

• Infertility

Infertility is the inability to get pregnant even after trying for more than 12 months. There can be various reasons why, such as a blockage in the fallopian tube, age, the eggs are diminishing, etc. When you visit our gynaecologist in Gwalior for infertility, he or she will conduct several tests to identify the problem first. Once the problem has been identified, our gynaecologists will provide you with treatments and solutions.

• Cervical Cancer

A cervical cancer is a tumorous growth, which develops in the cervix. When this cancer becomes advanced, the symptoms it will show are; irregular bleeding of the vagina, foul-smelling discharge, bloody discharge, bleeding during or after sex. Today, there are vaccinations available to prevent the same, just talk to our gynaecologists in Gwalior for more information.

• Pelvic organ prolapse

The pelvic organs are uterus, urethra, bladder, rectum, and vagina. These organs stay in their position due to the support from the pelvic muscles and fascia, which is a connective tissue. The most common causes of this condition are age, pregnancy, childbirth, smoking, constipation, intense workouts and obesity. Pelvic organ prolapse is a condition where the organs of the pelvis can slide into the vagina because of the weak support system of the pelvis. The symptoms of this condition include; feeling a strain or a sense of fullness in the pelvic area, back pain very low in the back, sex becomes painful, you may feel like something is falling out of the vagina, you may experience urinary problems, such as leakage or frequent urge to urinate, constipation, and you may see spotting or bleeding from your vagina.

Why choose Apollo Spectra?
At Apollo Spectra, we offer the latest innovative technology coupled with the state-of-the-art facility. We are a team of doctors and nurses who offer the best patient care. Our gynaecologists are top-notch and come with a vast experience. They offer a compassionate care and support you all through your treatment. If you notice any gynaecology symptoms, it is important to visit the doctor immediately. However, you must also opt for yearly check-ups. So, book your appointment today.