Hair Restoration Bangalore

Most of us take our lustrous locks for granted until it is too late. However, for many, hair restoration can bring back full hair- at least head full of hair to help beat baldness. If you are experiencing extreme hair thinning or premature baldness, then hair restoration will not only help you look yourself, but it will also boost your self-confidence. Today, the area of hair restoration has advanced and is developing various innovative techniques.

What is hair restoration or hair transplant?
Hair transplant is a type of surgery where a part of your scalp with excess hair is moved to an area with thin or no hair. In India, doctors have been performing this surgery since the 1950s. However, today, the techniques have become advanced and is a very common surgery.
Whose hair will be used for the transplant?
This doesn’t work as an organ donation. Here, you are your own donor. Why? This is because when you take follicles, hair, or tissues from somebody else, within a few minutes, your body will start rejecting the same. And, to stop it from rejection, you will have to take immune-suppressant drugs for life, which is not worth it.
What is the procedure of hair transplant?
Before the procedure, your doctor will clean your scalp and inject medications in order to numb your head. There are two methods of hair transplantation- follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) or follicular unit extraction (FUE).
Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS)
Here, a large strip of hair is cut from your scalp. The cut that is made will be closed with the help of stitches or staples and these strips help produce grafts through stereoscopic dissection.
Follicular unit extraction (FUE)
Also known as a follicular transfer (FT), it is a method where the hair is extracted from the donor area one by one. Using a microneedle, your doctor will make incisions, surrounding the follicle to prepare it for extraction.
After the extraction process, the further procedure remains the same for both the methods. The surgeon will then clean and numb the transplant area and create tiny holes in order to make it ready for the transplant. Depending on the size of your hair restoration process, the whole procedure could last for about 4-8 hours.
How long will it take for recovery?
Post-surgery, your scalp will remain very tender. Your surgeon might prescribe pain medications for a few days. Also, in some cases, wearing bandage also becomes necessary, for at least a couple of days. In about 2-3 weeks post-surgery, the transplanted hair will shed, and you will notice new hair growth.
What are the advantages of FUE procedure?
  • It is not a very invasive procedure and the scars are not visible
  • The sessions are short and are best for early stages of hair loss
  • It is extremely beneficial for people who want to keep short hairstyles
  • Also ideal for replacement of mustache and eyebrows
What causes hair loss?
  • Family history – Heredity is one of the main reasons why men suffer from badness. It is not a rapid procedure and will progress slowly. It first starts with receding hairline or bald spots. Therefore, if and when you notice it, talk to our hair restoration specialist to help prevent it.
  • Hormonal changes and medical conditions can lead to either temporary or permanent hair loss.
  • Medications and supplements can have side effects and hair loss can be one of them.
  • Radiation therapy or chemotherapy
  • Too much stress can also cause hair loss. And, avoiding stress is almost impossible because life is full of ups and downs. Therefore, practicing stress management can be very helpful.
  • Practicing hair treatments or hairstyles that can cause damage to the hair.
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