Hernia Operation Cost in Mumbai

A hernia is a condition where the abdominal walls become extremely weak, leading to a tear or a bulge. The inner lining of the abdomen will then try to push through the weakened area and develops into a balloon-like structure. A loop of the intestine or tissues from the abdomen can slide into this structure. It can cause severe pain and also cause serious health issues. This weak wall of the abdomen can be a birth defect or can develop later in life. One of the most common areas where a hernia occurs is the groin.

What are the symptoms of a hernia?
Some of the most common symptoms of a hernia are;

  • Feeling pain or an ache in the abdomen or in the groin especially when you are active, bending, lifting things, etc.
  • You can notice swelling under the skin of the abdomen or the groin.
  • Generally, this bulge can be pushed back or goes back inside on its own, when you lie down.
  •  When a hernia becomes too painful, it can become trapped or incarnated, i.e., the fat or the part of the intestine gets trapped in a hernia and the risk factor of gangrenous increases. During situations like this, immediate medical attention is necessary.
What are the different types of a hernia?
• An inguinal hernia – When the bowel pushes out of the abdomen into the groin, an inguinal hernia occurs. This is very common in men and about 80 % hernia is inguinal. The symptoms of this hernia include; bulge near the pubic bone, you may experience pain near the bulge, pain or discomfort in the groin, feeling very heavy in the groin, feeling like too much pressure has been put on the groin, and pain or swelling around the testicles, which occurs occasionally.
• A femoral Hernia – The fatty tissues, when they push through the weakened area into the groin. It is most common in women.

• An incisional Hernia – When the tissue protruding through the surgical wounds of the abdomen, it causes an incisional hernia. Generally, this type of a hernia is common in old or obese people.

• An umbilical Hernia – The umbilical cord is a rope-like connection between the mother and the baby. The umbilical cord in the babies passes through a small hole of the abdomen walls. This hole closes as soon as the baby is born, but in some cases, the abdominal wall layers don’t completely join as they are supposed to the tissues or the intestine from the abdomen can push through this weak spot. The symptoms of this condition include; you may notice that the baby is in extreme pain, vomiting all of a sudden, the bulge may be tender, colorless or even swollen.

• A Hiatal Hernia – A hiatus is a diaphragm, which separates the chest and the stomach. The food pipe is what passes through this diaphragm and gets attached to the stomach. When the stomach protrudes through the diaphragm and into the chest, a hiatal hernia occurs.

• An epigastric hernia – This hernia occurs just above the belly button and below the rib cage. This type of a hernia occurs in both children and adults. During development, if the tissues of the abdomen wall don’t close properly, this condition can occur.

• A spigelian hernia – When the bowel protrudes through the abdomen walls, at the side of the stomach, just below the belly button, it is known as a Spigelian hernia.

• A muscle Hernia – When a part of the muscle, tries to push through the abdomen walls, it is known as a muscle hernia. Generally, it is a result of a sports-related injury.

What causes a hernia?
Traditionally, there is no fixed cause for a hernia. It can occur because of lifting heavy weights or can be a birth defect. Although, some children may not show the symptoms until they are adults. Basically, any activity that puts pressure on the abdominal wall can cause a hernia.
What is the hernia operation cost in Mumbai?
The below-mentioned cost is the approximate cost. For the exact cost, visit your nearest Apollo Spectra. The exact cost can be calculated based on the type of hernia, severity, and more. However, the approximate cost of a hernia is anywhere between 30,000 INR and 1,00,000 INR and the laparoscopic surgery can cost somewhere between 55,000 INR to 2,00,000 INR. The cost mentioned is just for the surgery.
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