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Breast Abscess Surgery

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Best Breast Abscess Surgery in C Scheme, Jaipur

Breast Abscess Surgery is the process of removing a pus-filled lump or pocket formed under the skin of the breast. It can be treated successfully if treated under the guidance of experts from Apollo Spectra, Jaipur. Breast Abscess often occurs during breastfeeding and is a serious issue in cities like Jaipur that needs to be treated medically after a doctor’s prescription. There are different ways of removing the pocket of pus collected under the skin of the breast.

How is Breast Abscess Caused?

It has been observed that, when a woman has mastitis and does not receive any treatment for that, it can lead to Breast Abscess. Common causes for breast abscess are:

  • Bacteria entering through cracked nipples
  • A milk duct is blocked
  • Infection because of nipple piercing or breasts implants

Symptoms of Breast Abscess

Women with breast abscesses may experience redness around their breasts, swollen or bleeding nipples, and a mass in the breast tissue. Mastitis can lead to breast abscess with the following symptoms:

  • High fever
  • Cannot produce milk
  • Extreme pain in the breasts
  • Flushed or red skin around the breasts
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Tender breasts

What Happens During Breast Abscess Surgery?

Traditionally the surgery was performed with the help of an incision technique that took a long time to heal and involved pain while dressing. With the use of modern techniques, there are fewer chances of worsening the situation. The idea for the surgery is to drain the pus pocket from the skin of the breast(s) either by inserting a needle or drain it by making a small cut in the skin.

After the removal of fluids present in the lump, the incision may be left open to heal from the inside out. The area is then cleaned and bandaged with precision to avoid further infections.

Patients are under general anaesthesia during the procedure and once the lump is removed from the breast, it is sent for the biopsy report.

Risks Involved in Breast Abscess Surgery

There are a lot of risks involved with Breast Abscess Surgery such as:

  • Scarring
  • Extreme pain
  • Different sizes of breasts
  • Retraction of the nipple leads to cosmetic deformity
  • Fistula
  • Recurrence of breast abscess
  • Reaction to anaesthesia
  • Inflammation
  • Bleeding from your nipples
  • Engorged breasts in case of lactating women

Recovery from Breast Abscess Surgery

Even after the surgery, it is very important to follow the doctor's instructions and avoid any complications. It might take a while to recover from the surgery, so make sure that you have help and loved ones around to support you.

Below mentioned are the general guidelines to follow after Breast Abscess Surgery:

  • Take your pain medicines on time.
  • Pay a visit to your doctor after 1-2 weeks of surgery.
  • Apply moisturizers and keep your breasts clean after the surgery.
  • Avoid wearing any nipple clamps.
  • If you are a lactating woman, then gently press the leftover milk after every feed.


Breast Abscess is commonly found in lactating women and over the years the treatment of this condition has been modernized. If a non-lactating woman shows signs of breast abscess, they should also be screened for new-onset diabetes

There is no better way to treat breast abscess other than needle aspiration and drainage of pus. It is completely curable and with the help of an expert from Apollo Spectra, Jaipur, there are barely any complications.

To avoid breast abscess, make sure you take good care of your body and treat it after experiencing any symptoms.

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How long does the recovery take from breast abscess last?

Breast abscess usually takes about 2-3 weeks to recover following the mastitis. It is advised to follow the doctor’s orders strictly after the surgery.

Does Breast Abscess lead to breast cancer?

A non-lactating woman showing the symptoms of breast abscess or mastitis may lead to breast cancer. It is best to consult with the doctor before coming to any conclusion.

Does Breast abscess cause permanent damage to the body?

Yes, it is possible that after the surgery, the scars from the incision leave a permanent mark on the body. But with time, it will heal and can be covered with desired cosmetic products or treatment.


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