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Wrist Replacement Surgery

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Wrist Replacement Surgery in C-scheme, Jaipur

Arthritis can be a cause of severe joint pain. A lot of times, the pain becomes unbearable, and do not respond to any other medication. This is due to the damage caused to the bones. Replacement surgery is the only option left to treat this if this gets severe.

What is a Wrist Replacement Surgery?

Wrist replacement surgery refers to surgical removal of damaged bone and joint from the wrist. This is then replaced with prosthetic bone and joints. Wrist replacement surgeries are not as common as knee, hip, or ankle replacement surgeries. When the arthritic pain on the wrist gets unbearable and does not respond to any other treatments, replacement surgery is performed.

In What Kinds of Medical Situation is a Wrist Replacement Surgery Required?

The medical situations that call for an ankle joint replacement surgery are:

  • Osteoarthritis causes bones to go through some wear and tear that damages the joints. This generally happens in aged people.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis can happen to anyone. It affects bones as joints in the same way mentioned above.
  • Post-traumatic Arthritis can occur due to some past injury. A situation like this should be treated with wrist replacement surgery.
  • Failed wrist fusion can also result in disfiguration and failed wrist functions. This will require wrist replacement surgery.
  • Kienbock disease is a disease that stops the blood flow to a small part of the wrist. This can result in bone damage. The bone can die due to a shortage of blood supply. If this happens, wrist replacement surgery is required.

If any of these arthritic conditions become severe, you should contact a healthcare professional.

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What is the Procedure of a Wrist Replacement Surgery?

The procedure for a wrist replacement surgery is as follows:

  • General or local anaesthesia is performed to numb the senses before the surgery.
  • Next, a linear incision is made on the back of the wrist along the third metacarpal.
  • The tendons are moved away carefully to reveal the wrist joint.
  • With the help of a surgical saw, the damaged joint bone is removed.
  • After that, a prosthetic wrist is placed there as a replacement. This is attached with the help of bone cement.
  • Once done, the necessary repairs are made.

The Possible Risks and Complications Involved with Wrist Replacement Surgery

The possible risks and complications or side effects involved with wrist replacement are as follows:

All of these conditions and side effects are temporary and curable. If you face any of these problems, you should contact a healthcare professional immediately

  • Lack of active wrist extension
  • Systemic lupus erythematous
  • Wrist instability
  • Implant failure
  • Wrist dislocation
  • Loosening of implants
  • Nerve damage or blood vessel damage
  • Highly active synovitis in patients with RA

How long does it take to recover from a wrist replacement?

A wrist replacement takes from a few weeks to a few months to recover. The recovery time depends on the healing rate of an individual. The bone will heal within a couple of months. Complete recovery of the wrist after the surgery can take from four months up to six months. Six months after the surgery, one will be able to use their wrist freely.

How successful is a wrist replacement?

A wrist replacement is highly successful and beneficial. After full recovery, the wrist remains 80% functional at a minimum and 97% at maximum. So, from these statistics, it is evident that wrist replacements are successful.

How much does a wrist replacement surgery cost?

Compared to hip replacements, knee replacements, or ankle replacements, a wrist replacement costs relatively less. The cost of wrist replacements in India is equivalent to 2000 USD and up to 7500 USD. This means the price in India starts from 1.4 lakh and can range up to 7 lakhs.

How many hours does wrist surgery take?

Wrist replacement surgery is a very intricate process and hence a very long time to be completed successfully. It generally takes from twelve to thirty-six hours to complete a wrist replacement surgery.


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