Kidney Stone Treatment in Bangalore

Apollo Spectra is a leading hospital when it comes to kidney stone treatment in Bangalore. Kidney stone is essentially a solid mass made up of crystals which usually formulates inside the kidney of a human body. Chances also exist that they formulate along an individual’s urinary tract. Physicians would treat a particular kidney based on its particular size. The location of the stone as well as its type will also be taken into consideration before any treatment is inflicted upon the patient.
Tiny kidney stones are generally able to travel down via the urinary tract and does not require any treatment for the same. However, if such a case does occur, it is important for the individual to collect the piece of crystal and get a medical professional examine it in order to figure out its type. The information may help you in the future with your medication and will act as medical history which may come handy in the future. For being able to make the process easier and smoother for the patient, a doctor may go ahead to suggest drinking plenty of liquids for allowing the kidney stone to move through as promptly as possible. Additionally, a medical practitioner may also be prescribing a particular dosage of painkillers in order to help with any potential pain whilst the ongoing procedure.
There are particular methods with the application of which, a urologist is able to either remove the complete stone or break into pieces and take it out. Read on to find out more about them:

Shock Wave Lithotripsy

In the various methods involved to process kidney stone treatments, shock wave lithotripsy is a highly popular one. In this particular process, the physician is able to use shock wave lithotripsy and be able to break the kidney stone into tiny bits and pieces. This is caused due to the sudden and powerful impact of the shock wave lithotripsy. Once the crystal has been broken down into smaller bits and pieces, it is a lot easier for them to pass down through the urinary tract and finally, out of the system of one’s body. While carrying out this particular procedure, a doctor may infuse the patient with a particular dose of anesthesia.

Cystoscopy and Ureterostomy

In the procedure of cystoscopy, the physician takes help of a cystoscopy in order to take a closer look at inside the urethra and the bladder for being able to locate the particular stone inside your kidney or by the lining of the urethra or the bladder. In case of a ureterostomy, a doctor will make use of a ureteroscope, in order to check for detailed images of the lining of the ureters and kidneys. The ureteroscope is a lot slimmer and longer in comparison to a cystoscopy. Once the stone has been located and identified, the following procedures will involve the doctor trying to break down the stone into minuscule pieces for it to easily exit the human body through the urinary tract. The doctor may infuse the outpatient with a dosage of anesthesia while carrying out such procedures. It is a quick and easy process and usually is done within the same day.

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

One of the most critical tools during kidney stone treatment in Bangalore, which is used by the doctor while carrying out this particular procedure, is known as the nephroscope. A nephroscope is essentially a slim tool utilized for viewing. The tool is inserted directly into the individual’s kidney via penetrating through a small slit made in the back of the individual. In the cases when the kidney stones are larger than usual, a medical professional may take the help of laser in order to break it down into smaller bits and pieces which won’t face any challenges while being able to pass down through the urinary tract of a human’s body and finally, out of the system. The process of Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy is usually conducted after applying anesthesia to the particular patient whilst carrying out this particular procedure.
There are a whole bunch of precautions which one should take care of on a regular basis in order to negate probabilities of falling prey to kidney stones. Read on to find out more:


One of the most crucial precautions which anyone can conveniently take in order to avoid such a health hazard is to consume lots of liquids on a daily basis. Keeping your system well hydrated, massively negates the possibilities of the occurrence of a kidney stone. Due to the consumption of liquids, the urine of an individual remains constantly diluted which results in the washing off of various minerals which may potentially form a stone inside the kidney. Unless one is suffering from kidney failure, a minimum of six to eight-ounce glasses of water a day could be considered as sufficient consumption.
If water isn’t exciting enough to consume throughout the entire day, it is always beneficial to add a bit of citrus to your liquid. Citrus is one of the best fighters of kidney stones. This is due to their characteristic feature of stopping crystals turning into stones.

This article serves as a brief introduction for being able to understand the nature of stones in kidneys and kidney stone treatment in Bangalore. There are a range of solutions but along with, very simple precautions to avoid it.