Kidney Stone Treatment in Pune

Apollo Spectra is your one-stop solution if you are looking for kidney stone treatment in Pune. Our doctors and staff are highly skilled with the diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones. Kidney stones are crystals that form in kidneys. These solid masses of crystals block the urethra and induce the extreme amount of pain. The formation of kidney stones occurs when there is an imbalance in chemicals such as calcium, oxalate, citric acid, uric acid and cysteine. These chemicals are present in the urine. All kidney stones aren’t composed of uniform type of crystals. Calcium stones, formed of calcium oxalate, are the most frequently occurring type of kidney stones. Spinach, potato chips, chocolate are food rich in oxalate. People undergoing chemotherapy or are suffering from gout, run a high risk of developing uric acid kidney stones. Purine rich diet increases the level of uric acid in a human being. When the urine turns too acidic, know that the chance of developing kidney stones is grown considerably. By avoiding fish, shellfish and meat, one can balance the amount of uric acid in his or her body.

Women suffering from urinary tract infections develop Struvite kidney stones. Large in shape, these kind of kidney stone cause problems in easy flow of urine. An underlying infection leads to the development of these kinds of crystals in a woman’s body. To prevent the formation of these kinds of kidney stones, one must avoid the spread of urinary infections. A person’s risk of developing kidney stones increases when he or she passes less than one liter of urine in a single day. Those between the age group of twenty to fifty are most prone to this disease.  Over-weight people, people who are always dehydrated, those suffering from bowel syndrome, or one who has undergone gastric bypass surgery are at high risk of developing kidney stones.

The excruciating pain one suffers during kidney stones can be extremely difficult to tolerate. Unfortunately, the symptoms of kidney stones come to limelight only when the stones have passed down the ureters. Men also feel pain in their groins due to stones. There’s pain in only one side of the abdomen. It’s important to notice the condition of urine to diagnose if a person has stones or not. If the urine contains blood, has a bad odour and comes out in small amount in spite of constant urge to pee, then one should get checked for kidney stones. A wholesome account of health history of a person is required, along with thorough physical examination to fully diagnose the presence of kidney stones. A number of tests such as blood tests, blood urea nitrogen and creatinine and urinalysis are done to get reports on chemicals present in urine, kidney functioning and type of stones developed in the body. A doctor may also recommend abdominal X-rays, CT scan and MRI scan of abdomen and kidneys.

Kidney stones pass out of urine on their own. To speed up the process the patient will have to drink around nine glasses of water every day. Drinking more water will increase the number of times one urinates. If the patient suffers from nausea or severe dehydration, then a drip has to be monitored to him or her. In this case fluids would reach the body through veins. The kind of medical treatment a patient of kidney stones receives is contingent on the type of kidney stones he or she possesses. Some other ways to cure kidney stones include painkiller medications and anti-infection medicines. Sound waves are also employed to wither large kidney stones into smaller ones so that the passage from ureter to urine becomes relaxed and easy.

Sometimes the pain surpasses the level of toleration. The natural flow of urine is hindered as well. They even begin to cause infection. Under these circumstances, waiting for them to pass out naturally isn’t right. A tunnel surgery needs to be performed, where the stones are taken out from the body by drawing a small but deep cut in the back of the patient. An instrument known as Ureteroscope is used to remove stones from the bladder when instead of coming out, they get stuck there.

On one’s own behalf, there are numerous precautions one can opt for. The best one is to drink plenty of water. Keeping the body perpetually hydrated is the key to prevent the formation of kidney stones. If one cannot drink so much of plain water, drink juices instead. Drinking apple juice, orange juice, pomegranate juice is equally beneficial. Avoid potato chips, chocolate. Eat fish and meat in small amounts and infrequently. One can eat some doctor recommended meds to stop the formation of calcium and uric acid stones in the body.  Looking for best kidney stone treatment in Pune? Consult today!