Lady Doctor for Piles in Chennai

What are Pile?

Piles are swollen tissue collections in the anal canal. They can be of varying sizes and can be present both externally and internally. The internal piles lie between 2 cm and 4 cm above the anal opening and occur more frequently whereas the external piles are located on the outer edge of the anus. Chronic cases of piles are often very painful and need efficient diagnosis.

For women, getting a piles diagnosis can be a challenge. At Apollo Spectra, our dedicated lady doctor can understand any fears or inhibitions you may have and provide you an accurate plan of treatment based on your diagnosis.

How are piles classified?

Piles are classified into four grades:

  • Grade I: You may experience small inflammations inside the anus. Piles are not visible.
  • Grade II: Piles are usually of a higher order than Grade I pile and remain inside the anus. They may extrude while passing stools but tend to retract back into the anal canal.
  • Grade III: Piles appear outside the anus.
  • Grade IV: Piles lie outside the anus, cannot be pushed inside and need definitive treatment.
How is the diagnosis of piles done?

1) Diagnosis of external piles

The doctor will perform a physical examination of your anus and decide if you have been affected by piles or not. To do the same, he may inquire about your about the family history of piles, presence of blood or mucus in the stools, the colour of the stools, and if you have experienced any rapid weight loss.

2) Diagnosis of internal piles:

Your doctor will perform a digital rectal examination (DRE) through a proctoscope which is a light fitted hollow tube and helps to get a clearer view of the anal. In addition, a sample of a small tissue is taken from the inside the rectum. The obtained sample is then sent to the lab for a proper analysis.

What are some treatment methods used to treat piles?

Piles can be treated in a number of ways such as listed below:

1) Changing your lifestyle

This is the first suggestion that is given to piles patients. Lifestyle changes include eating a fibre rich and healthy diet which enables smooth bowel movement. A very common cause of piles is strain exerted during bowel movements which is often caused by constipation. Therefore, if you change your diet by increasing your fibre intake (eating more fruits and vegetables) and eating bran-based cereal breakfast, the stools are likely to become regular and soft. Doctors also recommend increasing water intake and avoiding caffeine as much as possible. Another possible way to get rid of piles is by reducing body weight which can be achieved by exercising regularly and avoiding binge eating..

2) Prescribing proper medicines

To manage the symptoms and treat them properly numerous over-the-counter medications are prescribed such as medicated pads, ointments, painkillers etc. They help in reducing swelling and pain. These medicines may not cure the piles completely but can significantly reduce its effectiveness. It is advised not to use these medications for more than 7 days continuously as they may lead to irritation/ thinning the skin around your anus.  Corticosteroids help reduce pain whereas laxatives aid in the smooth movement of stools.

3) Surgeries

In cases of chronic piles, various types of surgeries are used to treat piles. The types of surgeries include:
• Banding: In this, an elastic band is tied around the base of the pile to cut off its blood supply. Within a few days, the haemorrhoids start falling off. This technique helps cure grade IV haemorrhoids.

• Infrared coagulation: In this method, a device known as infrared light coagulator is used to completely burn the haemorrhoid tissue thereby helping cure grade I and grade II haemorrhoids.

Why should you choose Apollo Spectra?

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