Laser Treatment for Fissure in Hyderabad

Sometimes, due to a trauma or an injury, the anal canal can stretch. This leads to a tear in the anus’ lining. This condition is known as anal fissures. It can occur if you pass large and hard stools. This leads to blood during or after the bowel movements. This can also cause a lot of pain. The fissure that lasts for more than 8 weeks is termed as a chronic fissure. The laser treatment for fissure at Apollo Spectra, Chennai aims to provide you with relief from discomfort and pain.

What are the symptoms of an anal fissure?
The symptoms of an anal fissure are as follows:

• A tear that is visible in the skin around the anus
• A small lump of skin next to tear known as a skin tag
• Itching and burning sensation in the anal area
• Blood streaks on stool and toilet paper
• Pain during the bowel movements

What causes an anal fissure?
It is caused when you pass hard and large stools. However, there can be some other causes as well including:

  •  Frequent diarrhea
  •  Chronic constipation
  •  Spastic or overly tight anal sphincter muscles
  • Strain during childbirth
  •  Blood flow is decreased to the anorectal areaInflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s disease

In some rare cases, it can be caused by:

  • Herpes
  •  Tuberculosis
  • Syphilis
  •  HIV
  •  Anal cancer
Who is at risk for an anal fissure?
These are very common in infants and older adults as there is less blood flow in the anorectal area. Also, women who just had childbirth are at risk for anal fissures. People with any inflammation disease are also at a high risk as the inflammation makes the tissue surrounding the anus more susceptible to tearing. If a person undergoes frequent constipation, they are at risk as well.
How is an anal fissure diagnosed?
An anal fissure is diagnosed by examining the area around the anus. The doctors perform a rectal exam to confirm if a person has an anal fissure or not. During the exam, an anoscope is inserted inside the rectum. It is a thin tube that helps the doctor inspect the anal canal and easily see the tear. Using the instrument, the doctor can find causes of the rectal pain. In some cases, you might also need an endoscopy for a better diagnosis.
How can an anal fissure be prevented?
It cannot always be prevented but here are a few tips you can use to reduce the risk of getting an anal fissure:

  • Always keep the anal area dry
  • Treat diarrhea immediately
  • Clean the anal area with mild soap and water
  • Drink lots of fluids
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat fibrous foods
  • Frequently change the diaper of an infant
How is an anal fissure treated without surgery?

At first, the doctor will suggest some non-surgical treatment methods including:

  •  Topical Anesthetic creams that help in providing relief from pain and discomfort.
  • Blood pressure medications that will relax the anal sphincter.
  •  Botox injection to relax the spasms by paralyzing the anal sphincter muscle
  •  Nitroglycerin to increase the blood flow to the fissure and help in relaxing the anal sphincter. It might cause side effects like a headache.
Where can I get best and most trusted Laser treatment for fissure in Hyderabad?
At Apollo Spectra, we provide best and most trusted Laser treatment for fissure in Hyderabad.
Partial laser treatment
Performed under general anesthesia, the partial laser treatment is a minimally invasive procedure in which a small incision is made in the internal sphincter. This not only provides relief from pain but also reduces the strain during the bowel movements. To perform this procedure, you need a highly trained and knowledgeable surgeon to make sure the whole treatment is completed in a smooth manner.

Laser Surgery
Available at the Apollo Spectra, Hyderabad, this procedure is carried out using an advanced and innovative technology. There is no blood loss during this procedure. It will help you get rid of your pain and discomfort completely and permanently. There is some traditional surgery method like the internal sphincterotomy in which a small incision is made in the anal sphincter to get rid of the pain and pressure.

What are the advantages of Laser treatment for fissure?
Faster recovery

  • Minimal downtime
  • Same day surgery
  • Zero to minimal blood loss
  • No discomfort
Why Apollo Spectra?
Anal fissures can be painful, complicated and highly uncomfortable. At Apollo Spectra, Hyderabad we offer laser treatment for anal fissures. This technology not only heals the fissure completely but also prevents it from returning in the future. For a person who is afraid of surgery, this treatment can help get rid of the fissures. It can be done quickly without feeling any pain. Our highly trained and experienced doctors with our state-of-the-art technology will help you get rid of your condition perfectly. So, if you are looking for best treatment of the fissures and leading a comfortable life, book an appointment today!