Laser Treatment for Piles in Pune

Many people suffer from the piles or hemorrhoids. It is a common problem experienced by many people all over the globe. The main causes are believed to be severe constipation, sitting for long hours, lack of exercise, low intake of fibre in the diet, and water. Laser treatment is the most widely used procedure for the surgical management of piles. At Apollo Spectra, we provide pain free laser treatment for piles in Pune.

What are piles?
Piles or hemorrhoids are the swelling and inflammation of the blood vessels around the anus or inside the anorectal area. Generally, people do not experience the symptoms for a long time. Pain, swelling, and discomfort are the most common symptoms felt by the people suffering from 3 or 4th grade of piles. The doctor recommends different types of treatment on the basis of the severity of the symptoms and the condition of the patient.
What are the treatment options for the piles?
There are different treatment options for the piles. Some people take the oral medications and over the counter creams to get relief from the symptoms. Creams and oral medications may also provide relief from the symptoms in some cases. However, if you are not getting any relief from medications, your doctor may suggest you non-surgical or surgical treatment. Piles surgery has become an easy procedure with the use of Laser. Non-surgical treatment for the piles includes the following options:

Banding: A doctor uses a small elastic band to put around the haemorrhoid mass. It cuts off the blood supply. The piles then die and drop off followed by healing.
Sclerotherapy: In this procedure, the doctor injects a medicine in the haemorrhoid mass, which makes them shrink.

Surgical treatment for the piles includes the following options:

Hemorrhoidectomy: It is a common surgical treatment for the piles. The piles are removed using a scalpel. It is a painful procedure and the traditional surgical option. The patient has to take rest for a few days after the surgery. The patient may have to stay for a day in the hospital after the surgery.
Stapled hemorrhoidectomy: In this procedure, the doctor attaches the haemorrhoid mass higher up in the anal canal and staples it. The piles do not protrude and will shrink and fall down.

What is the laser treatment for the piles?
In the laser treatment, the dilated blood vessels are closed by using laser energy. It is a painless surgery with minimum bleeding. The patient feels comfortable after the surgery and can be discharged on the same day from the hospital. The patient can return to a normal routine on the same day itself.
How is laser treatment for the piles done?
What are the benefits associated with the bariatric surgery?
The laser treatment for the piles does not involve any stitches or cuts. A controlled beam of laser light is inserted into the anal canal. The laser light shrinks the hemorrhoid mass. It helps in the formation of a new connective tissue and prevents the reoccurrence of the symptoms.
What are the advantages of the laser treatment for piles?
Laser treatment can be used for treating the piles of all degrees. Some of the benefits of the laser treatment for the piles are:

  •  It is a less painful procedure as compared to the conventional treatment for the piles.
  •  There is minimum bleeding in the procedure. There is no effect of the surgery on the surrounding tissues and the patient does not have to stay for a longer period of time in the hospital.
  •  The patient can return to the normal daily living activities immediately after the procedure.
  • A person does not need a companion to take care. A patient can manage the things independently.
  • It is a quick procedure and it may take only one hour to perform the procedure depending on the severity of the symptoms.
  • It is a cost-effective and safe procedure.
Why choose Apollo Spectra?
Apollo Spectra is one of the topmost medical facilities in Pune for the laser treatment of piles. The doctors are committed to excellence in patient care. We use high-end state of the art technology, cutting edge quality treatment and expertise for the care of our patients. Looking for laser treatment for piles in Pune? Book your appointment today.