Apollo Spectra Hospital leads the miraculous recovery of 58year old lady from Saudi Arabia

December 22, 2015

Chennai, 22nd December 2015:Mrs. Heyam, a 58 year old lady from Saudi Arabia was in immense pain when she first walked into Apollo Spectra Hospital in Chennai. Her right arm was rendered immobile due to immense pain and an unsuccessful shoulder surgery conducted over a year back at a hospital in Egypt. She was unable to perform simple day-to-day tasks and was deprived of sleep due to this condition.

Mrs. Heyam, the patient is now on the road to speedy recovery post her consultation and subsequent operations at Apollo Spectra Hospitals. The patient consulted Dr. Clington J Fernando, MBBS, D. Ortho, MRCS, FRCS, M.Ch (Ortho), Consultant Arthroplasty & Arthroscopic Specialist at Apollo Spectra Hospitals and was advised corrective surgery to treat a large tear in her rotator cuff and to improve her muscle function. She was also suffering from severe pain in her lower back and difficulty is lifting her right arm. A Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty was conducted thereby providing more power and helping in positioning the arm. She has shown remarkable progress since the surgery which took place 4 months ago.

A Reverse Shoulder Replacement has unique mechanical advantages for people who have lost the normal mechanics of their shoulder with massive rotator cuff tears. The rotator cuff is essential for normal shoulder function. In patients with massive tears of the rotator cuff, the shoulder is no longer stabilised and begins to move out of the socket. These patients have a very poor range of motion due to the torn tendons.

“A rotator cuff tear and subsequent crippling of normal movement can occur due to a number of causes including aging, diabetes and sports related or childhood injuries. Mrs. Heyam’s problem required something more than a conventional surgery since her right shoulder muscles were no longer functional. A Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty was suggested to the patient to help alleviate her condition and restore movement. A Reverse Shoulder Replacement is quite a rare operation in India and is a last resort mechanism” said Dr. Clington.

“When I first came to Apollo Spectra I was in extreme pain and suffered highly restricted movement in my right arm. I am very thankful for the effort, empathy and 24 hour care & monitoring by the team of doctors & nurses at Apollo Spectra. This surgery has given me a new life & has restored my movement. Dr Clington Fernando’s expert guidance has gifted me a new life and given me the freedom of movement”, said relieved Mrs. Heyam. Apollo Spectra’s evolution is guided by a ‘patient-centric’ approach. The exclusive surgery center model minimizes hospital acquired infections resulting in elimination of unnecessary hospitalization and remarkable medical outcomes. Apollo Spectra is strengthened by the introduction of quality systems built on Apollo’s deep expertise in the hospitals space.

About Apollo Spectra Hospitals

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