Adil Munshi From Bangalore

After 4 days of my son Adil’s birth, we noticed that his right limb was smaller that left one. Today Adil is 5 years and 8 months old. During this period we consulted many doctors and surgeon at many places and cities but every one suggested the Adil should undergo surgery. One fine day we saw in Discovery channel that in one of Hospital, there is a consultant who does Child orthopaedic surgery in Bangalore of what Adil is suffering from. In search of this doctor, we ended up in Apollo Spectra. My relatives then suggested that we should go to Bangalore and Adil should undergo surgery. What convinced us to come to Apollo spectra is that they allowed parents to stay with the child, where as elsewhere we did not find this facility. Here the doctors and staff cooperated with us very well, and were very helpful at every step. We took a month to decide to agree for the surgery. Also Adil will start going to school this year and so it was time for us to take a firm decision. In fact Adil himself asked us and push us many times for the surgery and said if the doctor will treat me I will stop limping, I can walk run and play without any discomfort. Since we were well off to come to Bangalore and spent, we kept our farms on stake for this decision. I and my well known friends started saving money for Adil’s surgery past few months. We were very confident that our son will get a better treatment here and will soon start leading a healthier life. We are really happy and will definitely recommend this hospital to other parents who need better treatment for their children. We have not seen such facility in Kolkata which provides good doctor, allow parents to stay with the child and so we were very firm in our decision to consult the child specialist and get a surgery done here. We felt this hospital to be excellent and every service were rendered to us without any restrictions. Staff and facility team have cooperated a lot with us.

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