Physician in Bangalore

We all find the need to visit a doctor at least a few times a year. Maybe it is just for a regular check-up or maybe we are down with some symptoms, whatever the reason is, we always first visit a physician. A physician is a medical doctor, who maintains and restores the health of a patient, with correct diagnosis and affordable treatments. Physicians offer non-surgical treatments to treat illnesses, injuries, diseases, etc. He or she is the first ones we go to when we notice any negative symptoms. Physicians have a vast knowledge and can even detect the most complex disorders.

What are the most common conditions treated by a physician in Bangalore, at Apollo Spectra?

It is a common ailment, which occurs when the airways become inflamed in a person. The most common symptoms of this condition include coughing. However, it is usually mistaken for cold and they don’t get treatment for a long period of time due to this reason. Acute bronchitis is also known as a chest cold. Usually, it must get better in 10 days or so. However, if you repeatedly suffer for bronchitis, it is known as chronic bronchitis. The other symptoms of this condition include; mucus production, exhaustion, shortness of breath, mild fever and chills, and discomfort of the chest.

Back pain
We have all probably suffered from back pain at one point or another. It can interfere without work and make our mood sour. When it gets too much, getting out of the bed also becomes a chore. But, we usually avoid it, thinking it is normal. But, don’t. Back pain can occur because of a number of reasons. Instead of suffering simply, visit your nearest Apollo Spectra and meet our physician in Bangalore. He or she will diagnose the problem and offer you the right treatment to help you live life to the fullest.

Cold and Flu
It is a very common illness, which occurs due to various reasons, such as bacteria, virus and more. It is said that the cold and flu is one of the most common ailments, which occurs frequently, all over the globe. It can be contagious and make you miss work or school. But, self-medicating is never an option. So, visit our physician for a proper treatment, in order to get well soon.

Ear infection
This occurs when a virus or a bacterium makes its way into the middle ear. It can be painful due to the fluid build-up and inflammation. These infections can be also chronic. If the infection turns chronic, it can also cause permanent damage. The reasons for ear infections include; allergies, cold, sinus infections, too much mucus, smoking cigarettes, adenoids that are swollen or infection, and air pressure changes. The symptoms of an ear infection are; pain or discomfort in the ears, which can start mildly, feeling a kind of pressure in the ears, in young kids or infants they might get fussy or start crying, pus or leakage from the ears, and loss of hearing.

An inflammatory disease of the lungs is known as asthma. It can cause difficulty in breathing and also participating in physical activities. The symptoms of this condition include;

  • Coughing, mainly at night or when you laugh or during workouts
  •  Wheezing
  •  You may feel tightness in your chest
  •  Breathlessness
  • Exhaustion

High or low blood pressure
It is a common yet very serious condition. When the blood pressure doesn’t stay in the normal range, it can cause heart disease, kidney failure, or any other severe condition. Therefore, if you go to regular medical check-ups, you will be able to avoid it, and if you are suffering from high blood pressure, your doctor will provide medications, to keep the pressure in check.

There are two types of main diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. Diabetes is a condition where the insulin produced is very little or the produced insulin is not used properly. When you visit our physicians in Bangalore, they will conduct the necessary tests to diagnose the condition and provide treatment to keep the levels of your blood sugar normal.

Why should you choose Apollo Spectra?
You should opt for Apollo Spectra because your health is our priority. Our physicians are experts in their fields. With compassion and dedication, they provide the right diagnosis and then provide cost-effective treatment to improve your quality of life. We offer a world-class infrastructure coupled with a state-of-the-art facility to help provide an unparalleled experience. So, if you notice any negative symptoms, visit your nearest Apollo Spectra today!