Physician in Pune

A physician is a medical doctor who can treat several types of ailments using affordable and non-surgical treatments. If you suspect any symptoms, you must visit a physician in Pune for diagnosis and treatments, to avoid any complications.

What are the most common conditions treated by our physicians in Pune?
• Pulmonary Fibroids

It is a disorder when the lung tissue becomes damaged and/or scarred. The damage caused by the lung tissue cannot be repaired. However, with the help of treatments and medications, it is possible to reduce the symptoms and lead a normal life. If the condition becomes too severe, a lung transplant may become necessary. The symptoms of this condition include; shortness of breath, dry cough, exhaustion, sudden and unexpected weight loss, muscle ache, joints, clubbing of toes and fingers. There are various factors that cause this disorder. They are; environmental conditions, radiation treatments, medications, etc.

• Epilepsy

People suffering from epilepsy experience frequent seizures. It occurs because of a sudden rush of electrical action in the brain, which leads to a temporary glitch in the signal system of the cells of the brain. It is a neurological disorder, whose symptoms are; conclusions without any fever, blackouts that are short, fainting spells, for a short amount of time the individual becomes unresponsive, sudden falls, chewing or blinking for no reason, fearfulness, high fever, sleeping during the day, panic attacks, severe nightmares, and body jerks. The causes of this condition are;

  • Trauma to the head
  •  Conditions of the brain, like a stroke or a tumour
  • Infectious diseases
  •  Prenatal injury or trauma
  • Development conditions

• Dementia

Dementia is a general word used to describe the decline of the mental abilities of an individual. These abilities can become reduced to such an extent that it can interfere with the normal life. Alzheimer’s is one of the most common types of dementia. The symptoms of this disorder include;


  •  The patient starts losing memory, which is generally noticed by the member of the family
  •  Difficulty in communicating or choosing words
  •  Unable to reason or solve a problem
  • Facing difficulties in handling hard tasks
  •  Unable to plan or organize properly
  • Unable to coordinate
  •  Confusion


  •  The personality of the patient changes drastically
  •  They may suffer from depression or/and anxiety
  •  They display inappropriate behaviour
  •  Paranoia becomes common
  • Agitation
  •  Hallucinations

• Anaemia

It is a disorder that develops when the blood faces a deficiency of the healthy red blood cells or haemoglobin. It can develop due to extreme blood loss, faulty production, or destruction of these cells. The symptoms of this condition include; exhaustion, lack of energy, heartbeat which is rapid despite no physical activity, shortness of breath, headache, unable to concentrate, dizziness, the skin becomes pale, cramps in the leg, and insomnia.

• Thyroid disorders

Thyroid disorders affect the thyroid gland. If diagnosed on time, this disorder can be treated. The thyroid disorder can be small or even cancer. Therefore, it is important to visit your physician in Pune and also opt for regular check-ups. Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are common thyroid problems. When the thyroid gland overproduces the hormones, hyperthyroidism occurs, and with low production comes hypothyroidism.

• Low blood pressure

Also known as hypotension, it generally doesn’t cause any harm. However, if the blood pressure becomes too low, it can lead to dizziness and fainting. The causes of this condition may be medical disorders, dehydration, etc. It is important to understand that if you experience low blood pressure all of a sudden, without any history of hypotension then it may be a symptom of another underlying disorder. The most common symptoms of hypotension include; dizziness, feeling lightheaded, fainting, vision becomes blurry, nausea, fatigue, and unable to concentrate. If the condition becomes very severe, you may notice; confusion, cold and pale skin which feels clammy, shallow and rapid breathing, the pulse becomes weak and rapid.

Why Apollo Spectra?
When it comes to choosing the right physician, it is extremely important that you make a right choice. The association you have with a physician is life-long. For any syndrome, you will first visit a physician, who will then guide you towards the right specialist, such as for severe kidney stones, he or she may refer a good urologist or for arthritis, a good orthopaedist, etc. When you choose Apollo Spectra, you will come across the best physician in Pune, who will not only offer the best treatments but will also provide a compassionate care. Since they are experts in their field and come with a vast knowledge and experience, you know that they will provide excellent healthcare solution. So, if you are experiencing any ill symptoms, visit your nearest Apollo Spectra today!