Piles Doctor in Pune

Pile, another name for haemorrhoids, is a condition characterized by swelling or expansion of blood vessels in the bottom area i.e. anus and rectum. Piles are basically masses, cushions of tissue full of blood vessels, support tissue, muscle and elastic fibres present in the anal canal. It is a commonly occurring condition which often causes great pain and discomfort in everyday life. Piles can occur to both men and women at any point in their lives and are often characterized into two types-

  •  External Piles-External piles affect veins outside the anus.
  • Internal Piles-Internal piles normally occur between 2 and 4 centimetres (cm) inside the opening of the anus.

At Apollo Spectra, we have a team of expert piles doctors in Pune, who have years of knowledge and practice in treating different types of piles. They provide comprehensive piles care beginning from diagnosing the condition to providing treatment and care. They also suggest you ways to ensure a speedy recovery and avoid recurrence of the condition in future.

What are the causes of Piles?
Piles can occur as a result of swollen haemorrhoids. The swelling of haemorrhoids can be caused by a wide range of reasons. Some common causes of piles include-

  •  Suffering from Chronic constipation
  • Straining when passing a stool
  • Excessive straining, rubbing or cleaning around the anus
  • Indulging in strenuous work or lifting heavy weights
  • Pregnancy
  • Anal intercourse

At Apollo Spectra, Pune we have the leading piles doctor in Pune, who provide the most effective treatment for this discomforting condition. They ensure a speedy recovery from the condition and make sure you are able to get back to your everyday life quick.

When should you see a doctor for piles?
Piles or haemorrhoids can occur as an extremely unpleasant and embarrassing condition and may cause certain discomforting symptoms. Understanding these symptoms, and seeking timely diagnosis and treatment can prevent the progression of this condition. You must seek medical care if you experience the following symptoms-

  •  A lump around the anus
  • Bleeding during a bowel movement
  • Mucus like or slimy discharge from the anus
  • Itching in the anus
  • Pain and discomfort in your anus after passing stool
  • A general feeling of discomfort in your anus

Are you experiencing the above-mentioned symptoms of piles? Make a timely appointment with Apollo Spectra, Pune and get excellent treatment from the top pile’s doctors in Pune!
What Piles treatment options are available at Apollo Spectra, Mumbai?

What are the treatment options for Piles?
Piles or haemorrhoids can emerge as an extremely hurting and embarrassing condition. The uneasiness caused by this condition can take a toll on your everyday life and may also cause a lot of embarrassment to many. In some cases, piles tend to go away on its own, however, if you are faced with complications such as bleeding from the anus or excessive pain, you must immediately seek medical care. Getting a timely diagnosis, as well as treatment, can prevent the condition from aggravating. Some commonly performed piles treatment at Apollo Spectra, include-

  •  Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty.- A laser Hemorrhoidoplasty is an extremely effective and minimally invasive procedure which takes very less recovery time as compared to other intense surgical procedures. A Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty procedure is carried out using rays of a laser.
  • Sclerotherapy- Under Sclerotherapy, a solution is injected into the piles that cause the piles to shrink. It usually takes 6 weeks for the piles to shrink.
  • Stapled haemorrhoidopexy- Stapled haemorrhoidopexy is a piles treatment surgery in which the piles are stapled back to their original place.
  • Ligation- Under this procedure, a small rubber band is tied around the piles in order to cut off the blood supply to the piles. This causes them to shed off in some time.
Why should you choose Apollo Spectra for treatment of piles?
At Apollo Spectra, we provide unparalleled pile’s treatment in Pune and make sure that all people get relief from this painful condition. The cost-effective and advance treatments provided at Apollo Spectra is what makes Apollo the leading choice of the country! Our major aim is to provide our top-grade services to all. We have the best piles doctors in the country, who provide effective diagnosis and treatment for different types of piles and ensure a speedy recovery for all. Book an appointment now!