Piles laser treatment in Bangalore

Piles, also known as hemorrhoids is a relatively common condition, which is characterized by swollen veins at the end of the anus and rectum. This swelling and expansion of veins can have a number of different causes, including chronic constipation, pregnancy, lifting heavy weights, anal intercourse, obesity, low fiber diet, or straining while bowel movement. Hemorrhoids can be extremely discomforting and painful to those suffering from the condition and may also cause bleeding during motions.

Because of the discomfort caused by piles, it is important to get it treated on time. At Apollo Spectra, Bangalore, we aim at providing the best treatments for hemorrhoids. Our doctors make use of the most minimally invasive procedures to treat this painful condition. Apollo Spectra offers the best Piles laser treatment in Bangalore and across the country.

What is piles laser treatment?

At Apollo Spectra, our doctors examine the cause and grade of your piles and suggest the best treatments for you. We at Apollo Spectra, aim to provide treatments through a minimally invasive procedure such as Laser treatments, to cause the least discomfort to our patients.

The laser treatment performed to cure piles is called Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty. A laser treatment for piles may be prescribed in the second, third and fourth stage of the condition as on the first stage, we attempt to treat it using medicines and dietary changes. A laser Hemorrhoidoplasty is extremely effective and takes very less recovery time as compared to other intense surgical procedures.

Why it is this procedure performed?

A laser Hemorrhoidoplasty is performed in order to treat grade 2 and 3 hemorrhoids. This treatment method is on the rising since this procedure ensures minimal pain and discomfort. In addition to treating piles, this procedure alleviates all the discomforts caused by piles such as prolapse, bleeding, and pain.

How is a Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty performed?

A Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty procedure is carried out using rays of a laser. The laser beams are applied to the target tissue which causes a fibrous reaction in the endothelial or inner cells of the swollen vessels and in the cells of the connective tissue. This reaction causes a narrowing or closing of the blood vessels that supply blood to the hemorrhoids. This causes a deflation of the hemorrhoids and they ultimately dry off.  The fibrous reaction in perihemorrhoidal connective tissue makes the hemorrhoids reach back inside, hence solving the issues of prolapse of hemorrhoids.

What are the benefits of Piles laser treatment?

A laser Hemorrhoidoplasty is a non-surgical method of treating piles. This method does not require the use of anesthesia. Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty has a lot of benefits over a traditional surgical treatment method for piles. Some of them include-

  • It has a low pain score
  • This method makes use of energy which does not cause tissue damage and scarring
  • This procedure is aesthetically best and helps the patients retain their confidence
  • It does not require you to stay on bed for long and you can resume work immediately
  • There are no chances of incontinence or fecal leak since the anal sphincter action is effectively preserved
  • Less post-operative discomfort to the patient
  • There is minor or no bleeding
  • The procedure only takes 10-15 minutes in the outpatient department.
  • Can be performed as a same-day procedure
  • Postoperative recovery is excellent.

What happens after a laser surgery?

A laser Hemorrhoidoplasty takes only 10-15 minutes and the patients are discharged on the same day. This non-surgical procedure comprises of no cuts, stitches, and wounds and does not require dressing. It causes a negligible amount of pain and causes no such discomfort. Patients are not required to make any particular dietary changes. They can go back to their normal diet within 4 hours of the treatment. The procedure does not require you to stay admitted to the hospital. You can start your routine activities within 24-48 hours of the procedure. The procedure usually causes no such complications and regular visits to doctors are not always needed.

Why should you choose Apollo spectra, Bangalore for piles treatment?

At Apollo Spectra, we aim at effectively treating our patients while causing the least amount of discomfort through knives and cuts. Piles laser treatment at Apollo Spectra, Bangalore, is one such procedure, in which our experienced doctors use a minimally invasive procedure to treat piles. And relieve you of the discomfort caused by this condition. Our goal is to ensure a speedy and painless recovery of all our patients. Our entire team is using the best methods for the diagnosis of this condition and to cure piles of its root so that patients can spend a normal and happy life. Book an Appointment with Apollo Spectra, Bangalore Now!