Brest Clinic

Brest Clinic

Apollo Spectra Breast Clinic provides specialized care to patients with breast conditions by delivering top of the line treatment based on extensive research and diagnosis. We also provide complete post-surgical support.

The specialized team at Apollo Spectra's Breast clinic comprises of Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh, Dr. Preethi Hiremath, Dr. Gunashekhar V, Dr. D. R. Sekhar and Dr. Deepak Gowda. They provide the best treatment available to patients suffering from breast conditions as well as address all concerns regarding breast treatment.

Apollo Spectra's comprehensive services include building awareness among patients; making them aware of various breast ailments while teaching them all about Breast Self-Examination (BSE). Our doctors educate patients regarding surgical procedures by explaining the procedures in detail so that our patients are aware of the entire treatment and recovery process.

The team of breast specialists at the Apollo Spectra Breast Clinic, Bangalore, is highly experienced and ensures that every patient's visit to Apollo Spectra is a pleasant experience. As Apollo Spectra specializes in short-stay surgeries, patients treated at our breast clinic recover in the shortest time possible.

Breast Awareness

Breast-related ailments are more commonly seen in women than in men. Opposed to common belief, breast ailments can occur at any time during a person's lifetime. It is thus essential for men and women to understand the normal development and ageing process of the breast. Being aware of normal changes that occur in the breast at different development stages can help you identify unusual developments in your breast. Most changes that occur are due to benign conditions and can be detected through regular Breast Self-Examination (BSE). This also helps in early detection and treatment of Breast Cancer.

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Apollo Spectra Breast Clinic provides holistic services to evaluate and treat:

  • Benign and Malignant diseases related to the breast

  • Breast Lumps

  • Breast Pain

  • Breast Discharge

  • Breast Infection

  • Breast Cancer

Breast ailments affect people at various stages of breast development, categorized under these 4 age groups:

  1. Breast concerns in infancy and childhood

  2. Breast concerns in adolescents

  3. Breast concerns in middle-aged women

  4. Breast concerns after menopause

By choosing Apollo Spectra's specialized care and cutting edge technology, patients experience reduced time spent on diagnosis and receive appropriate treatment from experienced surgeons, helping them to recover soon and get back to their normal routine. Treatments available at the Apollo Spectra Breast Clinic include:

  • Breast Screening

  • Ultra-Sonography of the Breast

  • Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology

  • Breast Cyst Aspiration

  • Breast Abscess Drainage

  • Nipple Discharge Analysis

  • Cytological Assessment/Core Biopsy

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