ENT doctor in Pune

ENT doctor in Pune

Otolaryngologists are doctors who specialise in treating adults and children with maladies related to nose, throat, ears, head or neck. Many disorders or diseases affect these body parts. Sinus is a common problem faced by many people; they are caused due to infections, so also is tonsillitis.ENT doctor in Pune offers the best service and provide solutions to all the ailments faced by the patients and treat them with cutmost care.

Throat specialist in Pune treat various disorders like swallowing disorders, difficulty in swallowing, speech disorders like hoarseness and laryngitis, any benign or malignant cancerous growths in the throat, larynx, upper oesophagus, thyroid gland or parathyroid.

Many hospitals have a team of specialists who are well versed in areas like sleep medicine, neurotology, paediatric otolaryngology, otology/ Audiology, laryngology, head and neck surgeries, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Specialised services provided by ENT doctors in Pune are available at Sadashivpet

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